Soylent Shipping Update via email 05/10


Dear Soylent backer,

It’s been about 2 weeks since you received your starter kit, and your Soylent order has not yet shipped. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that scaling up our fulfillment operations has taken longer than expected.

Please accept our sincere apologies, and know that we are doing everything we can to fulfill your orders. As the first group of customers to receive your starter kits, your orders are at the front of the fulfillment queue and will continue to ship over the coming weeks.

A t-shirt is no substitute for your Soylent shipment, but we’d still like to send you one as a token of appreciation for your patience as we get our fulfillment up and running.

Click here to select your shirt size. Please complete the form before Friday 5/16. We’ll send out your shirts after that date.

(If you have already ordered a t-shirt, you’ll be getting two. Congrats: with the proper refrigeration, that’s half of Rob’s wardrobe for six months!)

Thank you again for your support and patience,
The Soylent team

“Your Soylent will be arriving in the next two weeks” isn’t the only mistruth on your starter kit insert card:
Our Instagram account is now @Soylent.

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You get to have your starter kit, be at the front of the line, and get a free t-shirt? I don’t think we can be friends anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, at least it is some communication, better than complete radio silence… I would like to know where I stand though, as I have a larger order and still got zilch.


At least you got some kind of response. How much did you order? Bought two months worth and havent seen a single email from them :confused:


Nine weeks non vegan non beta


Same here. What the heck, @JulioMiles and @rob? Yall gonna tell us what’s going on or just post cute gifs to the blog? How about some kind of communication? Is it now that whoever got their starter kit gets their product first? Why? Can you PLEASE GIVE US SOME KIND OF UPDATE?


If it makes you feel any better, I’ve ordered 4 months and also have heard naught. They just don’t seem to care. I can’t wait for a legitimate competitor to come on the market. Someone will have to have their act together by then.


The lack of communication, or at least explanation for whats going on is depressing. I wouldn’t mind them explaining whats taking so long, or maybe throwing us a few stats on what exactly has been shipped thus far. Any info to tide me over while I wait. The silence is too much.


The only logical assumption:

Rob changes shirts trimonthly, avoiding transcending any hygiene issues by way of some arcane scientific cryogenic storage solution.

@rob, you apparently are indeed a strange, unique, mad-scientist man. I entirely approve. :thumbsup:


That New Yorker article said he freezes his jeans instead of washing them. Guess it’s true for shirts, too?


Funny thing is that germs don’t actually die at the temperatures of a freezer, so he’s just getting rid of the smell and none of the bacteria. Or so I’ve heard.


This is depressing. That’s exactly the same as my order.

When will it end?!?!?


ive asked before but ill ask again…has anyone started to question the quality of the product?? after so many delays with shipping…promises made and then taken back…seems like a bunch of fools running the show with no idea whats going on…who knows what kind of shit went on in creation of the product…

oh shoot…we ordered the wrong protein and just realized guys…oops…oh wait…its not vegan…VEGANS…we are sorry…stop drinking soylent…we did the math wrong…here is a shirt…like who knows where else they messed up…shipping is just the only thing we can really see…


feel so crappy to be had by the balls so hard…i HATE really HATE all this misleading communication (the insert that said you’d have it in 2 weeks, along with many other stupid estimates)…but i still really want the product…the only protest i could offer is to cancel my orders…but i still really want the stuff…even ordered an extra month…feel like im being 2 faced on the forum…saying all this great stuff about soylent and visions for the future…while on other posts calling them children with no clue and questioning the product…so Fing frustrating.


I don’t know, I’d be more worried that corners were cut if everything were on time TBH.

It’s just unfortunate that Soylent’s most vocal supporters are having their enthusiasm squandered on defending the delays instead of supporting the product. It also makes me worry about the re-order times.

I want them to do well. I want to set up a subscription. But it feels like I should plan on making more DIY between the initial shipment and a reorder because 2 months might not be enough.

> miss date in starter kit
> "we are going to make it right to you folks!"

> miss date in blog posts, emails, etc etc


I’m 12 weeks non vegan non beta but no starter kit and no apology email, so I guess I’m not at the front of the shipping queue. They keep making it worse and worse from my perspective.


So does everybody who pre ordered get a T-Shirt now? I pre-ordered 4 Weeks in May 2013 and have heard no one single thing from Soylent.


I don’t think we ever heard whether the second shipment of Brown Rice Protein ever arrived. If they are having trouble with that, that would put the brakes on the entire operation. @JulioMiles

It still doesn’t make any sense that random people are getting start kits and emails from the company and even token offers of T-shirts while others are left completely in the dark.

Are others who have received a starter kit also getting this ‘2 week’ email.


If you are talking about the first shipment from the boat which would be the 2nd shipment they have received of the rice protein it is now in route to the production line.

5 days ago:


Glad they’ve decided to only communicate with people who’ve already gotten starter kits. Guess that means I can expect, what, another month at best before I receive mine?

I understand delays happen, but this is becoming a fucking joke.