Soylent should produce a marketing video about their new facility


To counteract any bad feelings in potential customers that are instilled by this old video:

In the video it basically shows a dirty old factory as the place where Soylent is haphazardly thrown together by Rhinehart & Friends.

I think it would serve the new Soylent company well to show off their new facilities on Youtube, to put any concerns about cleanliness to rest.


My thought however is that, what’s the likelihood that someone who sees (and cares about) that old video, will actually see the new one in order to have their concerns allayed? Though in general I agree that the more videos they can produce about what they’re doing and how, the better!


I recall in another thread or it may be in one of the blogs that RFI (co-packet) did not allow any photos of the facility. Maybe a 360 look at the conference room @JulioMiles at least until Rosa Labs builds their own plant.


You get a little glimpse of the boxes being sealed with this gif they posted on the Soylent blog.


I had this exact same thought when I saw the video above. Has anyone seen any updated footage or photos of the manufacturing facility?

If this set-up is still the situation, it goes a long way to explaining why there are shipping delays.

If they aren’t going automated, they could increase their production tremendously with a simple setup like the non-profit feed my starving children uses.


The dry mix is manufactured by their copacker. The oil is bottled by another company.

To my understanding, the “homemade” style manufacturing was solely for the beta test run.