Soylent six packs

For an occasional user, soylent is not very convenient. Mixing a whole pitcher will surely cause waste as it is only good for 2 days in the fridge. Mixing a small amount is inconvenient as we must manage open containers of powder and oil (and possibly additives) and mix it ourselves. It is easier for me to prepare a bowl of cereal.

Is there any chance of there being sealed containers in a one meal portion. Something like a six (or twelve) pack of soylent that we can store in the fridge and use whenever we feel. This would be much more ‘freeing’ to me.


Just FYI, mixed Soylent will easily last 3 days in the fridge. Some have gone longer even than that.


I fail to see how making a bowl of cereal is less convenient than making a single serving of Soylent. You have to measure out a portion of cereal and milk and in the end you have to manage an open container of both.


I can see his point - cereal will last several weeks once opened, and milk 1-2 weeks. Plus, no shaking/mixing involved. It’s certainly easier than mixing single servings of Soylent.

I’ve only ever done full bags, and I normally take 2 days to finish it. I’ve gone 3 days before with no problems with taste or smell.

I would imagine someone who makes single servings often would come up with a system that makes it pretty easy - something like a small, airtight container with marking for the amount of water to add. I’ve never even tried so I don’t have any suggestions for that.

EDIT - Thinking about this more, a kitchen scale and a small, airtight container would make single servings fairly trivial. Just need to figure out the weight of the powder, water, and oil - no measuring needed.

Cereal is much easier to make. lol No shaking, no measuring, no powder containment measures. Just dump it in a bowl = done. There’s no “managing” of anything. At any rate, the comparison in the OP isn’t the point, so who cares anyway.

To the OP, I would be surprised if “single shot” options of Soylent weren’t available at some point in the future. I can’t see it being a high priority right now, though.


Yes, cereal is far easier. Plus, soylent is supposed to be more convenient than regular food.

If it was available in pre mixed, long lasting containers, this would be the case. One could grab a can of soylent with no preperation and drink it in the car on their way to work, if desired. There are not really any healthy breakfast foods you can do this with. Maybe some kind of bar, but those are usually full of excess sugar and they will make crumbs in your car.


Really? The shaking is the “less convenient” part? Oh the horror.

With cereal your still measuring a “bowls worth”. You just need to figure out an easy way to measure out a servings worth of Soylent. I would suggest a blender bottle and dosage glass. Takes care of all the “hassle” of Soylent prep, is water tight, and fits in your car’s drink holder.

You cannot live off only cereal. Apples to oranges comparison.

Might as well compare Soylent to raman noodles for all the relevance the comparison will have.

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Actually I’ve lived primarily off of cereal for most of my life. Not exclusively, true. But if you choose decent cereals (and not just the pure sugar cereals), they are so fortified with vitamins & minerals that they can absolutely sustain an adult human quite well.

Still no fair comparison to Soylent however!


They are comparing the ease of preparation not nutritional value.

As will Soylent power and it’s oil. The 2-ish day “limit” only applies after the water has been added.

Yes, shaking, measuring, mixing, avoiding powder mess, storing the ingredients, buying additional items are all detractors.

For someone who is “on the edge” of whether to continue with Soylent (or someone contemplating trying it for the first time), and doesn’t want to use the product at every meal, a single use, less perishable version would be helpful. That or making the full pitcher version less perishable somehow.

As a product that is designed to reduce the time and fuss of preparing food, I don’t find my suggestion too outlandish. There is a reason companies make small serving versions of beverages, like cola or beer. Sure it would be possible to only have kegs or 2-liter bottles available, but I’m assuming the single serving versions are appreciated by their customers and increase profits.


:smile: never said your idea was outlandish. There have been a number of other threads with this exact idea. In fact I hope to see some version of your idea someday. Maybe not a single serving size, because not everyone’s serving is the same size, but something like a gallon carton.

Aside from the shaking all that can be applied to cereal. Measure out a bowl’s worth of cereal, mix in the milk, don’t spill the cereal or milk, store the milk and cereal, buy toppings.

Of course at this point I’m just being stubborn and will gladly let it drop if everyone else is.

I see this thread as identical to trying to compare the price of Soylent to raman noodles.

(I’m not opposed to the idea of further streamlining the packaging and preparation efficiency of the product-- and I think there have been some good suggestions-- but I think it is preposterous to compare Soylent to cereal.)

I guess this is where I leave you to continue as you will.


You are right.
I’m using this container:

It’s about $1.5 in Walmart and have measurements on the side.
1L (32 oz). You can prepare any variety of the meal of up to half of bag os Soylent.
Easy to wash, shake, and store. Airtight and only 2 pieces to clean.

Yup, I’ve been doing just that. Obviously there’s going to be some accuracy +/- on these cheap digital kitchen scales, but 108-109 grams powder and 13-14 grams oil makes 1/4 bag quite nicely for me. Then I just use a Blender Bottle for it.

I make and consume Soylent one scoop / glass at a time. Stirring for one minute before adding the oil and then another minute afterwards does seem a little time consuming, but then I realized that it takes me less than a minute to drink it after it’s mixed. So I think the total time to make and consume Soylent is less than any other food for me.

Having said that, I do agree that having a single serving system would be awesome, but at the same time it would probably require more packaging which… would not be awesome?

EDIT - In the interest of accuracy, I timed my Soylent consumption this morning. It took about 6.5 minutes including preparation, drinking, and then cleanup (wiping down the counter and washing the scoop, teaspoon, and glass.) Drinking it took around exactly a minute without feeling rushed. So I guess it’s not as quick as I thought, but it’s still faster than my other normal breakfast of yogurt and toast or my normal lunch of PB&J.

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While I like the idea of a premixed ready to pour Soylent I don’t think a single serving approach is the way to go. Reason being is not everyone’s single serving is the same size. A 5’ (152.4cm) 105lb. (47.6kg) sedentary 93 year old woman needs quite a bit less than a 6’8" (203.2cm) 250lb (113.4kg) very active 25 year old male. A single single serving solution won’t work for both hypothetical people. Add the fact that not everyone has the traditional 3 meals a day. A premixed multi serving container of Soylent would work better for the most people.

Maybe this has already been posted but here is a video of Rob Rhinehart speaking in India a few months ago and if you go to about 17:05 you see that he says they’re working on a version in a bottle that is already mixed.

That would definitely be more convenient than the current version (not that the current version is inconvenient, especially compared to most kinds of food) but my concern is that such a version would cost more.


Very cool. Any idea when this was recorded?

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