Soylent sleep cycles?

Has anyone else (on DIY or otherwise) noticed their natural sleep patterns changing? All my life I’ve been a total night owl, frequently operating on something like a 28-hour day, where I would gradually stay up later and later until I’d actually not even go to bed, then eventually it would catch up to me and I’d crash out one day in the afternoon and sleep through till the next morning. Then the cycle would repeat.

But for days now, I’ve been getting sleep in the evenings between 7 to 9PM, and in bed somewhere around 9 or 10pm. Then I’m up and wide awake, ready to tackle the day by 5am, 6 at the latest.

This is REALLY weird for me. I have never, EVER been a “morning person” and though I could drag my ass out of bed early if I had to be somewhere or whatever, getting myself to sleep at a “decent hour” has always been nigh impossible as my body & mind simply WERE NOT READY FOR BED, PERIOD.

That all seems to have changed now and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar.


I’ve actually had the opposite happen. For the last 2 years I’ve always gotten tired around 10-10:30pm, then knocked out by midnight. Since starting Soylent I don’t even start getting tired till midnight and can usually stay up till about 2am. At this point I have to consciously make the decision to go to bed as I could probably stay up for another hour. Then I’m usually up by 8-9am feeling generally well rested.

Very interesting. Are you on DIY or official? I would imagine that the specific recipe being consumed, could have a lot to do with it, not to mention individual chemistry…

I’ve been on official for about two weeks now

I just started DIY (based on People Chow) Monday night and breakfast/lunch on Tuesday while I wait for my 2 week pre-order to arrive. I have 3 small kids and very much enjoy the dinner time experience, so aside from days (like Mondays) where dinner time doesn’t work for us as we are geographically dispersed) , I’m planning on eating Muggle dinners.

Anyhow, last night at 10 (a time when we are normally desperately ready to go to bed because like @krehem we are beat by then), I saw the dishwasher was full of clean dishes and I had made a small set of dishes from preparing today’s soylent so I just decided to empty it. I was half way through (maybe more) when I realized how odd that was. And then realized I wasn’t feeling particularly tired. Normally I would put off as much work as I could at night and last night I really felt alert and ready to do more things. So I’d second that comment (as much as 24 hours can tell).

Also, I don’t know if this will continue, but I was woken up I think twice last night (once by a cat and once by my 2 year old) and both those times AND this morning, I felt like I was clawing my way out of really deep sleep. You know the kind of sleep where you feel like you have just been really deep in your bed and you need to rise to the surface before you wake? IE it felt like I was in a really deep sleep all three times I was woken up. I don’t know if this means anything, but I normally feel that way only once a week or so when waking up. I’ll keep seeing. It might be I’m catching up on sleep? I’m a little slow today, but honestly, Monday I put hand soap instead of gel in my hair (I fixed this before leaving the bathroom) and Tuesday I forgot my wallet which I virtually never do, so I’m pretty sure I’m sleep deprived (I was up pretty late this weekend) and could definitely be catching up.

I had coffee both days (more today than yesterday because I felt a bit groggier, but less than my normal dosage (which has been my normal thermos cup in the morning (which is probably 1/3 milk) and one cup at the office since I started working out again and have been exhausted, my previous norm was just the thermos cup). Right now I’m just drinking a cup at the office since my thermos is holding my soylent.

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Yes and no. I’ve noticed that I’ve been waking up earlier. But even before soylent this tended to happen to me in the summer because of the sun coming up. It has been EASIER to get up once I’m awake though. There’s been a lot less snooze button action.

Yeah I could see my getting up earlier as being related to the sun… but I’ve always been a night owl regardless of season. If I get up early, it just means I got less sleep. But not lately!

On a related note, someone asked on one of my YouTube videos about lucid dreaming and Soylent. I haven’t had that, but I have definitely noticed incredibly vivid dreams. And not really insanely wild things either, but dreaming of relatively mundane things, places, people, etc. Except that they are in full color, sound, smell, touch, the WORKS. And I can remember them for much longer than usual after waking up. They are so detailed though, it’s much the same as when I was taking various supplements to enhance dreaming (huperzine and vinpocetine in specific) except no supplements.

Has anyone else noticed exceptionally vivid dreams with Soylent?

Yeah, actually. Not lucid dreaming exactly, but I did have some control over the subject matter of the dream. I’ve been told in the past that if you want to dream of something specific, just have it be the last thing you think about before falling asleep (I have no idea if this is true or not). This never really worked for me before, but the last couple of nights my dreams were about the same subject matter that I can last remember thinking about. I get the whole full color, and sound etc thing. Even the memory of it once I awoke was really vivid.

Yeah that sounds very much like what I’ve experienced, though I wasn’t aware of any deliberate directing of the dream content. They definitely did contain elements of things that had happened recently though, but that’s pretty typical.

Most striking to me is the sound. Normally with my dreams I’m not aware of detailed sound… hearing people’s voices in specific, background music playing in a building, the sound of traffic, that kinda stuff. But when I take my supplements - or now with Soylent - it’s like someone unmuted the TV and I can hear everything in super surround. I can remember every word that someone said, how they sounded when they said it, what other noises were going on, etc. It’s wild.

BTW, in terms of Lucid Dreaming, I’ve been able to successfully have lucid dreams by repeating to myself just before I fall asleep, “If I haven’t woken up in this bed, I’m still asleep.” I don’t always lucid dream then, but if I remember my dreams, there is often a point in one where I realize “Hey, I’m dreaming”. Sometimes I’m just aware that I’m dreaming. Sometimes I’m able to change things. Often I will wake up shortly after this.

As to my sleep. Last night for the first time in a 7-10 days I lifted weights. I injured myself running just before that time and decided to wait to lift/run until I felt better (this is part of why I’m doing DIY soylent, I think some of my injury was due to micronutrients). I’m working through a modified Stronglifts 5x5 (basically I’m increasing weight on most exercises at a faster rate and I’m adding some pull-up/push-up exercises) and it was heavy last night, no question. But I woke up quite a few times last night (and none of the super deep sleep waking up) only once was due to someone else (my 2 year old again). I didn’t have trouble falling back asleep, but I don’t like repeatedly waking up through the night.

I do feel better this morning than I did yesterday, but my legs are very tired.

Tegid - it’s not unusual to wake at night after an effective, heavy workout lifting. If you’re just tired from exercise, you may sleep, but after an effective workout, especially if eating heavy, I’d often wake in the middle of the night, uncomfortable and warm. The body was on overdrive, growing and rebuilding. My wife would call me “the space heater.” You may be getting something of that effect.

Vanclute - when I used to work nights, I would use food to help keep me awake without having to use too much caffeine. Especially at the end of the shift - caffeine would keep me awake too long, so if I was drowsy, I’d have a sugary snack before my drive home. Kept me awake, but then let me crash when I needed to.

I suspect your new soylent diet does not make you sleep, but, rather, your new diet is no longer keeping you awake.

Individual results will, of course, vary. :slight_smile:

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Very possible… I definitely consumed more refined sugar prior to Soylent, no doubt about that!

All in all my sleep has gotten fairly stable and is still very refreshing. Every morning when I wake up, I’m awake and feeling good within seconds. It’s a pretty tremendous thing. :slight_smile:

Man, if it ends up having that effect on me, they could charge triple the price and I would pay it.

I’m a freakin’ zombie in the morning.

Believe me, I’m in that camp. If this was the ONLY benefit I received… I’d pay. Boy would I pay.

I’ve been on Soylent for about a week now, using it for about 2/3 of my meals and eating dinner with my wife. I found almost immediately that was easier to wake up in the morning after moving to Soylent. The alarm would go off, and while I wanted to stay in bed, I wasn’t groggy and found it much easier to get up when I absolutely had to. It’s like I just jumped right out of bed and wasn’t angry about it (which was common before).

I ate all normal food yesterday as I forgot my soylent at home, and when I woke up this morning I found myself irritable, and hitting my snooze button just like before.

Anyone else having an easier time waking/sleeping on soylent?

I don’t have my Soylent yet (2-week December order), but have been using a sleep cycle app for the past two years on my phone. I’ll share the data when I get it, but it should be pretty easy to see if there’s a noticeable difference.

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The other night I fell asleep listening to a radio story about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and had an incredibly vivid dream that I was married to Catherine the Great, Empress of all the Russias.

Soylent has had an odd effect on my nights.

I’m definitely having an easier time waking up in the mornings, though I can’t say I’m any better about leaving for work on time.

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Hm… I’ve had similar experiences on iron and magnesium supplements.