Soylent & Sleeping- for those with tireless minds and ADHD


Hi all,

I’d like to find out about a those of you with ADHD or anyone who generally has difficulty falling asleep who have ALSO been regularly taking a soylent mixture.

My question is: how it has affected your sleep?

Short and simple, right?


If I take it too close to bedtime, I’m a little to wired from all the maltodextrin. I try to take soylent at around 7PM, then a small amount around 9. I try to call it a day around midnight, now.

The greatest benefit for my sleep is that I’m not tempted to medicate my poor focus throughout the day with caffeine. I still like coffee, but can resist the temptation now if it’s after 4 or 5pm.


Since I’ve been on it (19 days now) I sleep noticeably better than before. I fall asleep sooner and wake up refreshed without needing stimulants.


I’m an insomniac and I only get a couple of hours a sleep a night. So far Soylent hasn’t really helped me in this regard. Not sure if I am relieved that it didn’t help or not.

Although I have found it harder to stay productive all night while on Soylent, as I haven’t come up with a decent way to eat when I am not trying to sleep. That’s just me being dumb though.


I know I’m resurrecting a ‘dead’ thread, but I’ve been searching through topics and would like to offer this: I believe the large amount of B vitamins in Soylent will contribute to sleeplessness if consumed too close to bedtime. The rule of thumb for most people is not to eat after 6-7pm if you’re a ‘day shifter’ …now, I work odd hours, but I would assume this means 3-4 hours before bedtime. Any thoughts on this?


I haven’t found that it has any effect on my sleep schedule, but it does seem to have a mild effect on my wakefulness during the day. I usually drink two servings over the course of the day, and none in the evenings. I do seem to feel slightly more awake when I drink it, vs. when I don’t, but given the time of day that I start feeling more awake (i.e. mid-morning), that could easily be attributed to just having fully woken up.


I haven’t found any difference when drinking Soylent at night - though for whatever reason night is when I tend to have the urge for something else. I still usually also have Soylent.

I definitely HAVE noticed however, that my alertness all day is vastly improved, and I rarely find I need an afternoon nap anymore, for example. Also I have a much easier time getting up in the mornings. I wake up, and simply get up and start my day. No fuss, no muss, no groggyness, no grumpiness.


I too found taking vitamins at nights made me sleepless(vitamineral pills not vitamin pills). But i am not sure if soylent automatically contributes to it in everyone. If it does, then better to take it in mornings instead of nights.