Soylent slime on bottom?


I made what seemed to be a pretty normal batch of Soylent my first time; get a package out, pour it in the pitcher, add tap water, shake, add oil, shake, and leave it in the fridge. It had separated a bit when I checked on it in the morning; I gave it a thorough shaking before I tried it. However, in my glass and in the pitcher, there was this “slime” at the bottom: a dark-brown, thick but slightly runny powder-fiber-water mix. And undrinkable, because its texture triggered my gag reflex.

Since then, I’ve tried making individual batches, with varying amounts of water; nothing seems to make the slime go away. I mixed up a batch with so little water that there was powder floating on top; the slime had appeared by the time I unscrewed the pitcher, poured the Soylent into the glass, and drank half of it. Adding more water just makes the top part more watery and the slime appears on the bottom faster.

Has anyone else seen or tried to drink this “Soylent slime”? Do you know what it is? Is it necessary to drink/eat it to get the full nutrition, or is it safe to toss down the sink?


The protein tends to settle to the bottom if you let it, so yes it is necessary to consume it all to get compete nutrition. I wouldn’t recommend letting it settle and then drinking the slime though, as you point out, that’s not pleasant.

Before pouring a glass give the pitcher a thorough shaking to mix the protein slurry back into the drink, then as your drinking continue to agitate the liquid to keep it mixed, if you do this you won’t have the sludge at the bottom. When using a glass just swish/swirl it around, or when using a bottle give it a shake now and then.


I recommend mixing it, shaking like crazy and let it sit overnight and then add oil in the morning. More shakes and then pour your meal. Shaking between drinks.


Slime on the bottom? Not if you shake it first.


always shake before you fill a glass. I wouldn’t call it “slime” :smiley:


Also, put a couple inches of water in the pitcher before pouring the powder in. That helps get it all mixed.

Also helps if you have a whisk that reaches the bottom of the pitcher (I use a different, shorter pitcher). Whisking really works.


If the pitcher is damp when you add the powder, the stuff that gets wet trends to stick. The soluble fiber in it grabs the water and swells, making a slimy film. It’s impossible to shake it free.

Solution : make sure pitcher is bone dry (rare) or add a couple inches of water first. Then, when you add the powder, it won’t hit the bottom of the pitcher.

Anything that settles overnight should shake up in the morning, but if fiber sticks to the bottom when rehydrating and forming into gel, you’ll never shake it free - it’s a gooey gel and will need to be scraped off.

Let us know what helps.


Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your bottle…Shake your bottle.

Seriously, shake or agitate whatever you’re drinking out of every once and a while


I just wash it out. Problem solved.