Soylent slushee


Just accidentally made a Soylent slushee. Left my Soylent (original RTD) out in the car (-13C out right now). Came back (4 hours later) to a Soylent slushee, delicious. Wish I could reliably, easily reproduce…


Nice idea! I wonder how long it takes to get into slushee level frozen.


I make these all the time, they are delicious. Just pour regular Soylent into a blender, add ice (will need to experiment to find out how much you like, depending on consistency you want) plus any other flavor you want (a little sherbet and/or citrus juice are AMAZINGLY good IMO) and blend for a minute or two. Voila… enjoy!

I sometimes even add nothing beyond just regular Soylent and ice. Even that is quite tasty, especially on hot days. Outstandingly refreshing.