Soylent solves the housing crisis?

Is Soylent only for nutrition? I say no! The shipping materials can provide shelter for the homeless like Peppa and Daddy Pig seen in their new and affordable home. They had been living out of their camper van for over a year and Peppa needed a more stable environment.

I had a bunch of boxes from Soylent 2.0 and wanted to do something with my 5 year old daughter. We were going to build a cat house but pivoted and decided to build a doll house. A little bit of cutting and duct taping later and we were done! A four room, single car garage, zero bathroom house!


Hope you live in Nevada.


I knew somebody was going to go there. Nope. I live in Oregon where pot is legal.


It’s amazing how many have benefited from the popularity of Soylent. Here at the Rat Cave, our reporters, Wilson and Agent J, bring news that domestic rats everywhere (in their admittedly limited experience) are enjoying fine vacation homes thanks to Soylent. Not only are the boxes roomy and cool in the summer, they’re great in the winter when stuffed with fabric.

“If you feel like roughing it,” adds Agent J, “the top flap detaches and folds in just the right way to make a lovely dual-entrance hard-top tent.”

Wilson says that he gives the cardboard flavour an 8/10. “Perhaps if the bottle packaging weren’t so incredibly airtight and efficient, some of the product would spill over and provide additional flavour. Still, as cardboard goes, it’s delicious!”

Both reporters are pleased to hear that Peppa and her father have found such a lovely home.


Our rats go through boxes pretty rapidly, so receiving fresh boxes on a regular basis makes them happy. Nice job on the house, @JeffLeBert!


@ArmourHer, maybe you didn’t get the memo, but replies are not supposed to be funnier than the original post. :smile_cat:


This is fantastic! :slight_smile:

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That would explain your early-onset symptoms of creativity. Don’t worry they’ll find a cure.

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[quote=“sylass94, post:7, topic:25692, full:true”]
That would explain your early-onset symptoms of creativity. Don’t worry they’ll find a cure.
[/quote]They have one. It’s called school.

Though it’s not 100% effective.