Soylent soup, stew, pasta, rice, mac & cheese, etc

Someone (not me) grabbed screenshots from a new survey Soylent they sent out:

Mentions things like pasta, soup, mac & cheese, rice, and cereal.

Interesting things on the horizon?


Edit: Other questions including decaf coffee, bar flavors, soup flavors, caffeine content and more:


They need to slow down and do a better job at what they’ve already got first.


Are any of them cheaper?


Lol like that’ll happen.

I’m amazed at just how terrible some of these suggestions sound. All I really want is lower prices & maybe different serving sizes.


Only a very few are real choices. We put a bunch of nonsense on surveys along with actual projects to gauge interest in said projects.


What if Raman and Soda win?

Or everyone wrote in Dim Sum and Gazpacho?

We won’t do them because the purpose is to gauge interest on actual choices. But putting only projects we are working on blindly on a survey basically tells you exactly what we are working on.


Why is that a bad thing? Faster competitors will beat you to release? This is Food, not a computer. People will still buy what you currently have while waiting for the next thing. The Osborne Effect does not apply.

My vote would be for neutral flavored Drink and Powder.

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We’re all in on cookies. It’s the future!


What if customers want things that Soylent thinks are nonsense? That doesnt’ seem to really be listening to the customer.
Who defines “actual choices” anyway?

Can I get a Soylent Cinnamon Roll to go with my coffee?


We have projects we are interested in, this survey is not an end or begining. We do some intense market research. But if everyone wrote in Soylent biscuts that would not result in us making biscuts.


What if everyone wanted white flakes in their poop?

  1. Make it cheaper.
  2. Perfect what you’ve got already
  3. Different macros.
  4. Spine tingling toast.
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Soylent toast? Genius!


And this is the moment where @Conor lost any faith he had left in discourse having intelligent and helpful conversation. :wink:


Just because nobody asked me… I think something like corn chex would be great. I actually used to eat corn chex as a snack. Of course, I am weird and like bland food. I suppose powder will always be the cheapest way to go though.

It seems the corporate focus is moving away from the 90%+ market (powder and some 2.0 users) and towards the already crowded “occasional meal replacement” market (coffiest, bar, and probably most 2.0 users)… Hey, if that’s were the money is, go for it.

But as a hardcore user I’d really like to see a solid form that was cost competitive with powder (or at least somewhere between powder and drink).