Soylent Squared Review!

No, not all the Soylent products are sweet. Original flavor is pretty much completely neutral.

I would buy a sampler pack of Squared in a heartbeat, I’m dying to try them. But $90 to try all 3? I just can’t bring myself to do that. I hope they come to Amazon soon so I can add them to subscribe & save and get my 15% off like with all our RTD Soylent.


I think the oil is there to not stick to the wrapper or your teeth. It doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t really have any viscosity to it; I think it soaked into my fingers. SMILE!

My wife just got home – we’ve been doing 100% RTD for a year together – and she had her taste test for the Squares. She loved Caramel. Brownie was second. Berry third. She liked them all. Different tastes for each.

Then, when we were done taste testing, she said she had to try “one more Caramel” just to “make sure” it was her favorite. So funny! She’s now already craving another Caramel. It really is the star of the three.

My wife has been hoping for a chewable Soylent; she has that now. She’s over the moon!

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I’ve only tried the RTD versions, and while Original doesn’t have a flavor, really, I do find it sort of semi-sweet, but I take your point.

You’re right the $90 buy in was a little much; for us the price was more like $33 for all three boxes because of the rewards we had racked up for the RTD versions.

The Squares really do expand the world of what Soylent means and does – and yes, they’re going for the candy bar crowd – but in a good way that is calculable, protein-focused, and sort of healthy! I like that, and I can’t imagine any Soylent drinker who wouldn’t find some sort of delight in a Square, or two, to break things up a bit.


I had 2 small meals/snacks yesterday where I just had one of each flavor. For breakfast I had a Chocolate Brownie first and the texture / mouth feel (and ‘oiliness’) immediately reminded me of the deceased Food Bar (so somewhat similar to the original Power Bar but less gummy). And no crumbs! All three flavors are the same in this regard.

The Chocolate Brownie was good, but at first (and to be expected) the flavor did kinda remind me of a health / protein bar (in a negative way), as opposed to tasting like a candy bar but being healthy. But this kind of flavor grows on me fast, and I enjoyed it.

Then I had a Salted Caramel and it was okay/good. Wasn’t too memorable, I ate these three squares while I was concentrating on doing something else, but I know it was fine and nothing bothered me about it.

Last, I had a Citrus Berry, and again nothing about it left a truly negative impression. I do remember thinking this one is very candy like in flavor.

My initial overall impression of the three was that they are pretty sweet and probably not best suited as a breakfast for me (I’m still not really sure where I would fit these in).

I had a hard time falling asleep last night to the point that I was getting too hungry to fall asleep so I ate 3 more in reverse order (not on purpose). This order and time of day is much better than my original order and eating them for breakfast, the Citrus Berry just popped so much more when going first and as an evening snack.

I remember taking my first bite of my second Citrus Berry and being hit with a ton of candy flavor. It was very, very good. As I was chewing my last bite I had this exact same revelation:

I wanted to go get another one to really focus on the flavor, but mainly because I really wanted to eat another one.

I ate my second Salted Caramel of the day instead, and again I found it to be just okay/good. I think it is the blandest of the three, but in general it is definitely not bland. When I was finishing this one I wanted to go get another one to eat, but only because at the end it hit me that this is the old Food Bar, or at least close to it. I’m pretty sure the Food Bar was described/marketed as ‘salted caramel’ in flavor.

I don’t remember gleaning anything new about my second Chocolate Brownie of the day, other than thinking this one will probably have the broadest appeal. While Citrus Berry is probably my early favorite, I think there are more meals/snacks throughout the day where I would probably prefer a Chocolate Brownie (or even a Salted Caramel) to it.

So yeah, overall they are good and sweet and I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with them. Looking at just one wrapped Square seems like a ridiculously small portion of food, but it doesn’t really feel as ridiculous as it looks while eating it.

Yeah, I think this is an issue for me as well.

I’ve had a Vite Ramen (referral/discount link) almost every night since I received my Kickstarter backer kit and I still look forward to it every night. I actually get mildly upset when I have to eat something else for dinner.


That’s an excellent and full review over time!

Our first order of Vite Ramen arrived last night. We cooked up two packages and feasted. Totally great in every way. A real feeling of satiety – without feeling heavy – after we finished. Great stuff! I wish it didn’t take 10 days to get a delivery, though.

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Yeah I dunno, I’ve had 2 subscription deliveries since they opened the store to backers but I still had so many packets left from the Kickstarter that I didn’t pay attention to the shipping :confused: Shipping issues wouldn’t surprise me though, Soylent was terrible when it first got off the ground. Oh, plus Vite Ramen HQ is like 2 hours away from me as opposed to the opposite coast.

You seem to already enjoy it, but here is a link to my post in the thread with my initial reaction and what I did to improve the flavor for me:

So yeah, if you find a meal to be too bland (an early common complaint on Kickstarter), use less water (an early common suggestion on Kickstarter). And I cook the noodles with the soup base flavor packet, as opposed to adding the flavor packet after cooking like the instructions say… but it’s hard to say how much of, if any, a difference this makes. Like a lot less water though… instructions say use 2.5 cups, I only do on average half of that, which leaves virtually no broth after mixing in the other packets but I’ve always liked instant ramen with little to no broth. And I still don’t add anything extra to it.

Apparently version 1.1 is on the way though, and it will include a big flavor upgrade, From the recent 1 year anniversary Kickstarter update:

Oh and Garlic Pork is my favorite (more flavor, has some spice to it). But Soy Sauce Chicken (the one I assumed would be my favorite) is very good as well. I still haven’t used a Vegan Mushroom Shio packet (I don’t really like mushrooms / mushroom flavor), I’m hoping to be surprised when I finally crack one open though.

100% this^ I love Soylent, but Vite Ramen fills me up in a way that Soylent just never will be able to. I still need Soylent every morning, but you summed up how I feel after eating Vite Ramen for dinner perfectly in that quote above. I noticed this after my very first meal.

Okay Vite Ramen ad over, back to SQUARED!

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Thanks for the excellent feedback!

I liked the big broth – but today I’ll cook it down a bit more with less water just to taste the difference! Adding the broth packet to the boiling water will also be a fun try.

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The product formerly known as Marijuana is legal in the great state of California.

Unrelated, I just had an aaaaamaaaazing Chocolate Brownie Squared bar.


I was interested to see what you thought of the Vite Ramen. I tried it and I didn’t like it much. It caused me to have a head rush and all I could think of was MSG. I would be surprised if they actually used MSG, but it sure didn’t agree with me.

I thought the Vite Ramen was excellent. I prefer a softer noodle, but I know the noodle they use is pretty standard now. I didn’t get any adverse tastes or after effects. I thought the whole show was precisely what they delivered as promised. Will order again!

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Thanks for clarifying, but I didn’t say you used MSG. I just said i had a reaction that felt like you did.

I think it’s important for people reading this thread to know that Vita Ramen does not provide a risk-free guarantee. I tried one packet, had a bad reaction, and called for a refund. Vite Ramen did not just tell me to destroy the product, but rather asked me to return it. This is very unusual for a food product returns, and makes me wonder if they resell product after it has been returned.

I once received a bad batch of Soylent and they just told me to destroy the product and issued me a refund. Not only did Vite Ramen ask me to return the product, but they made me pay for return shipping.

They claimed that this is because they didn’t receive a huge amount of venture-capital money, which is no excuse. If anything, it makes me wonder whether they have the resources to do quality-control etc.

Oh yeah, well I didn’t say you did either! So hah! Also, I have nothing to do with Vite Ramen other than enjoying it most nights.

I just ordered the ramen. Hope i like it.

And i received chocolate brownie squared today. I liked it. It seemed compact enough that i would consider throwing a bunch of it into a backpack and hit the trail. I know, i would be carrying water as part of the brownie but it didn’t seem that heavy. It seemed adequately filling. But i didnt calculate the expense, which i assume is too much by my standards.

Got my chocolate brownie squares today… Not bad, not great… Same “mouth feel” as the old food bar (chewy with a bit of crunchy) which is actually fine with me.

Taste wise the chocolate just ok.

Since I consume well over 2000kcal/day because of my excercise I have a little leeway to fill in those extra calories as I probably don’t need proportionally more micronutrients… On the days I don’t eat solid food I’m mostly plain 1.9, original 2.0 and chocolate Schmilk (with added Hershey extra dark as I’m a chocoholic).

With that in mind I should note the 99cent packs of dark chocolate peanut butter cups at the Trade Joe’s checkout line are 1/5th the cost per kcal as Soylent Squared. Yeah yeah I know, not as healthy… But either way I’d probably chase both down with a bottle of 2.0 anyway.


The squared products commit one sin if you ask me. They are potentially addictive. Im not ordering more for now. In fact, im gently and gradually trying to steer myself away from Soylent products. I think im noticing financial benefits already.

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Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.


Meh. For flavor - powdered Soylent is great but the citrus bars was not. Overall, I dislike the bar texture and stickiness. Albeit, I hate Tootsie rolls. Something less chewy and less sticky would be wonderful.

I just tried the Squared chocolate brownie, and I’m very pleased. A healthy, nutritious snack that would be great for quelling between-meals hunger. They have done a fine job with the recipe and production. The enjoyably sweet chocolate flavor and chewy texture can compete with products that provide far less benefit. Well done!


I thought I’d check back in with an update regarding the Squares.

I am still loving the flavor. Perhaps a better test is that my son really enjoys the taste too. He says he gets cravings for the caramel, but also enjoys the chocolate. I imagine that is his sweet tooth talking.

My only complaint is that they seem to “sweat” oil when they get warm. It’s not the end of the world, but I keep the wrapper so I can use it to hold the Square until I’m finished.

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