Soylent Squared - when on Amazon?

I’m anxiously awaiting the opportunity to try Soylent Squared but since there is no variety pack option, I’m waiting for them to appear on Amazon so I can at least get my 15% Subscription discount. Any timeline on them being on Amazon?

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According to the FAQ, they will “target an Amazon launch later this summer,” so June 21-September 23.

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Can someone explain why Squared and Bridge both exist? They seem too similar to me.

One is solid, one is liquid. That seems different enough to me…wouldn’t you say so?


Just checked and it seems they are now fully available on Amazon for the same prices as this site, with the added bonus of 2-day free shipping for prime members.

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OMG! I got all excited until I saw that they aren’t on Subscribe & Save yet. Dang… I have a few more days to add to our subscriptions for this month, fingers crossed maybe Soylent will add them to S&S by then!