Soylent Squared

What do you guys think of them?

I haven’t been around in a while, but this seems like a poor value/$. The old mission was always dirt-cheap nutritionally complete food for everyone, but I don’t think the cost of living off of soylent products has seen a decrease in years now.

Do you guys still discuss alternative soylents on this forum? Is anyone aware of an alternative complete food company that’s still hanging onto the old dirt-cheap soy-and-lentils mission?


So weird. I signed up again for the Soylent newsletter, and once again I first hear about it in other places…in this case, I saw the New York Times article.

Well, it looks like the nutrition of 7½ bottles of RTD for about the price of 12. But the form factor is convenient as a snack. I’ll give it a try when it gets to Amazon.

And of course, no algae this time. :slight_smile:


I think the idea is great. I ordered a box of each. It’s a snap-to-go food that just happens to be Soylent – which just happens to be pretty much what I only eat daily. I’ll take it in all forms, thank you. SMILE!

I saw something on Facebook a few days in advanced that they were going to make an announcement, that’s how I heard about it. I can’t remember if I signed up for the newsletter or not, but yeah.

Guessed the announcement from the (squared) on the ads. However, I’m shocked there’s no variety pack or no smaller taste-test pack. I feel like they could sell out of a pack of all 3 flavors (maybe 2 or 3 of each) in minutes.


Yeah, a dollar for 100 calories compared to something like $5 for 10 granola bars with 200 something calories each (a little over 400 calories per dollar). I guess paying a premium for complete nutrition, probiotics, and snackability

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I guess nutritionally complete is important to some, but I don’t look for completeness in my bars. I have been supplementing my Soylent with Rxbars for a long time. These look like 1/2 an rxbar for 1/2 the price. I did order a case of the brownies and I may try the other two but I don’t know that it will catch on permanently for me at least. I remember when this forum was littered with posts about when is Soylent going to bring back the bars, guess we know now.

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OMG WTF. Once again, I hear about this from somewhere other than Soylent themselves first.

It’s about damn time, that’s all I can say. Can’t really comment on the price yet as it would for me, depend more on how satisfying they are compared to a “cheaper” bar. But portable solid Soylent is something I’ve been after for years and have attempted to make myself numerous times with mixed results.

I definitely have to give these a shot. I second the surprise at no “variety pack” since I would definitely order one. I much prefer the idea of trying them before committing to an entire box but… such is life.


I found out about this from the NYT article too… Soylent’s newsletter subscription list / delivery system settings are trash.

I was also hoping there would be a lower quantity variety pack… but all they do is combine all 3 flavors as an option when you go to add a product to your subscriptions on your account page:

Bought one of each flavor cuz I’m a completionist (and a $10 Vanilla 4-pack deal the website offered me when I went to checkout which is new to me and cool) but right now I’m really happy with my Vite Ramen subscription that I use for my solid food cravings at dinner time. So even though I loved the deceased Food Bar, I’m not really sure what purpose a 100 calorie portioned square bar would serve for me atm. Guess I might find one as I have 90 of them on the way, but I suspect my experience will be similar to the few times I’ve ordered the Bridge and I just kinda forced myself to find times to use them.

I’ve given up on this whole thing. It’s always too expensive, and/or unavailable (Canada), and/or tastes like crap.

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Now they are selling ‘Bundles’ on the website (my other email account got an email about it, but my main Soylent account email did not…)

It kinda sucks that they announce this a few days after the release of their new Squared line so that their more dedicated customers most likely spent an extra $4.75 by purchasing the trifecta at launch (because buying all 3 together is cheaper now)… but oh well.

EDIT: wait I got charged 85.50 for buying all 3 on a sub but my screenshot above says the price then was $85.00 for the combo, why’d I get charged 50 cents extra?!?!

Pricing is ugh. Hopefully this is a trial run, and a larger, cheaper-per-calorie bar will come out soon, because these are tiny (cute tho) and way too expensive. I bought a case of the brownie flavor to try, and I really like it, but I don’t think I’ll be buying them again. Maybe someone will figure out how to turn powder into something like these…


I think the sizing has definitely something to do here.

I don’t know why the last two products from Soylent have been more snack-like and less meal-like.

It just feels like a Slimfast product.

On the other hand, I agree that hopefully there will be a bigger version coming soon

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As someone who loved the original Food Bar, salted caramel is a godsend. The other flavors are a nice bonus. I just wish they came in a larger size and cost less per calorie!

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Probably for the same reason we have so many RTD flavors…
The company has discovered that the profit from meal (and snack) replacements is much higher than that of diet replacements.

I.e. The number of folks consuming <20% kcal/day average of Soylent is Way way higher than those of us going >80%… At least that’s my guess.


I can see the logic on that, however I do not think one cancels the other out.

I usually consume one to two meals a day from meal replacemets, about 400-100kcal. I am not interested in “complete snacks”.

Furthermore, I would argue that the only time I would use them would be if I am going fairly heavy (50%+) and I want all my meals to be “complete”.

One thing is clear, though. Profit is likely higher.

Agreed… I don’t have any problem with Soylent seeking new markets and profit centers… And while the core values discussed 4 years ago seem to have fallen to the wayside (maximizing health, maximizing sustainability, minimizing cost) I have to admit the original powder has remained fairly solid.

If I recall from back then… the discussion of multiple flavors was dismissed as a more bland product could be more easily consumed for 100% of ones calories… seems funny now in retrospect (although, as noted, original powder thankfully persists).

As a side note on health I find it interesting that they are pursuing probiotics and fiber in the new squared product. As a >2000kcal/day user this is something that had concerned me. Why not add this to the other products as well?