Soylent Stacked?

Just got the email about this.

Significantly less calories for only a slightly lower price… I know that’s not all there is to it what with the nootropics & whatnot, but what does everyone think about this?

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It says that it doesn’t give you jitters and comes with a “kick of caffeine”. There are people like me who don’t buy caffeinated Soylent products. I think it probably does give me jitters.


im going to try it, but the order site seems to be really broke

cart only has the stacked, subtotals dont match

here is why. 2 pack powder… where is that coming from?
not ordering at this time

Pretty stupid looking thing, I mean nootropics? What does that even mean. I guess they are following the money into the energy drink market.

Looks to be a tweaked version of Bridge with added nootropics.

The caffeine and L-theanine are already in Soylent Cafe with higher kcal per serving - so it really depends on how much you want the L-Tyrosine and Alpha-GPC.

Not a credible meal for me, but if we consider it strictly as an energy drink it looks superb compared to the sugar laden carbonated options.

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My problems with ordering on the site were solved when I used Chrome on the site rather than the unusual browser I had chosen.

Happens in Chrome and Firefox
I realized a work around, just change next billing date.

I don’t even see anything in here that I would legitimately call a “nootropic”. Caffeine & Theanine are well known to synergize in a positive way and I’ve used them together for probably 10 or more years. Nothing new there and it’s already in their caffeine line of drinks anyway as previously noted.

I don’t really get this product. Doesn’t seem to fit with Soylent’s core mission. Makes me wonder if it’s changed.

its the l-tyrosine & alpha-gpc that are nootropics

Stacked, eh? I look forward to trying it. On the surface it appears to be a tweaked version of the cafe drinks, with some nootropics added. I will have to see how it stacks up (-; next to the cafe. It is a little unclear from the description whether Stacked provides the same complete nutrition that the other Soylent products do - they should be a little more clear about that.

Caffeine and L_Theanine are both regarded as nootropics. The difference between them and a lot of the others (90 listed here) is that they’re proven to have an affect by peer reviewed science.

I think it’s more of a tweaked Bridge. I did a side by side comparison of Stacked, Bridge, Drink and Cafe over here and the only difference between Stacked and Bridge is 2g more carbs, the nootropics and price, whilst the difference between Stacked and Cafe are far more pronounced.

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It is jitter-evoking, but it grew on me.I may order it again.

I wish there were a product like this that could be consumed hot or cold – just pop it in the microwave for a quick hot meal, or keep it cool.

Right, thanks. I noticed the calorie level later, which puts it in the same category as Bridge.

My guess is that it is bridge, and the nootropics use maltodextrin as a carrier, hence the extra 2g carbs.

Yeah, maybe. That is certainly a way for a company to diversify products without having to do much work (-;

I am seeing added nootropics to this and to that, an interesting little trend that I have been hearing about for a couple of years now. I wonder how much it really does tho. I have tried a couple of things and got a little boost, but nothing life changing. Pretty similar to a cup of green tea. Ginko biloba does a little something. Recently I bought some “functional mushrooms” from a hip new food company, and again, a minor boost in mental energy. I have not tried massive quantities of these things. It would probably be unwise to try that.

Let us know if you like Stacked. I don’t feel like buying 10 of them. If I could get 2-3 that would be nice.