Soylent staff: PLEASE stop using Purolator for Canadian deliveries

I love Soylent but I had to cancel my subscription today when my second order went out, because, to my nasty surprise, after getting my first Soylent order by Canada Post, this order was shipped via the Satan of couriers, Purolator.

I actively boycott Purolator and refuse to purchase any product shipped from them. Purolator never bothers attempting delivery (I live in an apartment, and they ALWAYS–I have video proof!–just leave a “we missed you” sticker on the front door of the building, they NEVER dial the buzzer), and they bring it to a depot that’s very far away from my house with terrible hours. This is a massive inconvenience especially to me as I don’t have a car.

I raised this issue with Soylent customer service and they couldn’t do anything, saying that “Due to contractual agreements with our shipping partner”, they have no control over which courier gets the delivery job.

As a result I was forced to cancel my subscription, which really bums me out because I love Soylent and would have been a very loyal customer.

I’ve had a similar issue with in the past, and when I complained, they set my account so that all of my orders go through Canada Post only. Unless Soylent customer service can offer the same to me, I can’t purchase the product anymore.

Purolator is well known in Canada as a very shitty company… I guarantee to Rosa Labs that they will have much happier customers if they stop using them.


Unfortunately we use a third party warehouse / shipping company and they have their own independent contracts. We have no say over who they use.

But presumably at some point you will have say on what third party you use and you can pick one that doesn’t use Purolator.


As we grow we gain more leverage to dictate terms. However we are still a small fish in the great big food ocean.

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If you have video of that… one thing that often leads companies to improve their policies or discipline their workers… a video on youtube or something. If you put up a video of a delivery man just walking up to the door with a “we missed you” slip, that will spark some controversy.


Just want to chime in here and say I’ve had similar issues in Toronto.

Most of the time the delivery goes down without a hitch, but I’ve had to abandon a whole month’s worth of Soylent because of Purolator’s policies. Warehouse is solid 2hr commute there and back for me on public transit and they only hold it for about days. In that case it was bye, bye Soylent.

been there, done that. It got me an apology and second delivery attempt. But the problem happened again a month later. Point is: I don’t want to have to fight to get my stuff delivered. It’s not worth the stress. The whole point of Soylent is supposed to be about convenience… not very convenient when it’s this much hassle just to get the damn stuff inside my apartment

You’ve got a timeline or proposal for changing that? Judging by the look of this forum I’m not alone in being pissed at Soylent delivery arrangements.


I live in Montreal, I have the same problem.
Hate Purolator.

If I order only 1 box, they use Canada Post
If I order 2 or more, then they use Purolator.

So, I’m subscribed to 1 box per month.
I have 1 box in the fridge, and 1 the corner of my kitchen.

When I’m about to finish the one in the fridge, I use the “Need More Now?” option.
And that’s it.

If, for some reason, I want 2 boxes?
Easy, I order one, then wait to get the email with the tracking number, then order another one.

Simple, works well.


Think this would work if you had multiple 1 box subscriptions?

I have the exact same issue. “We missed you” single attempt, then delivered to a warehouse 1 hour from me.
Purolator is terrible.

Is it possible to have two (or more) subscriptions for the same product?


Interesting… my first order was for 1 box and it was Canada Post but my 2nd order was for 2 boxes and that one came through Purolator.

Can any soylent staff confirm that this is how your shipping partner operates–1 box is Canada Post, 2 boxes are Purolator?

I’d like to add my voice to the list of Canadian subscribers who truly loathe Purolator and need Soylent to lean on their distributor to pick someone else.

For my first delivery, I discovered I had three days to trek to their warehouse an hour away (which is open M-F 8-6pm, good luck getting there on time if, you know, you have a job). This was okay for my first delivery – I was excited to get the product, left work a little early and got to their location just in time.

To make this sustainable over the long term, I obtained one of their stickers “no signature needed, leave on my doorstop”. This worked – once – but then the next time, they ignored their own sticker and left a “missed you” sticker on my door, requiring me to go to the warehouse again.

Soylent: it’s a real problem that will affect your retention rate on Canadian subscriptions. Please do what you can to find a delivery group who will avoid these guys.

Great discovery, thanks Gorsky. Re: “just one box”: my Soylent 2.0 arrives with 2x12 bottle cases bundled in one box. Is this what you mean (1 box = two 12-bottle cases)? Or by one box do you mean one 12 bottle case?

The one and only time I ordered 2x12 packs, they came in separate boxes.
But that was the first month Soylent was available in Canada.

So, my experience is only that.

I’ve been ordering 2 times a month, 1x12 pack ever since.

@Scott_Shorkey I had the same problem. Purolator is aggravatingly inconvenient and disorganized. This is my solution: I get my Soylent delivered to a Canada Post FlexDelivery address near me. I’ve been happily enjoying Soylent ever since. :slight_smile: