Soylent Sticker Pack on the App Store


We made some stickers!


How about Soylent sticker packs IRL.


Working on some of those :slight_smile:


No sticker for Powder. Product cancellation confirmed.


Flying back from Europe yesterday (awake for 26hrs) I wore my Soylent T-shirt because, well frankly it’s one of the most comfortable I have (love the poly/cotton blends)… but I have to admit I felt kind of like a dork (more so than usual) promoting a company that has repeatedly left me hanging with sporadic availability of their premier product.

I’d like to think I could take a stand and switch to a competitor that can reliably deliver product but you know I’ll be back for 1.7 whenever that shows up because it IS a fine product. But knowing that about myself also makes me feel like crap.


Good thing no one asked you how to buy it.


I totally forgot I have a t-shirt and a hoodie! I should have worn them for Halloween.


Food poisoning is scary!