Soylent & Stimulant Absorption? (Vitamin C)

for years now, i’ve heard people say that it’s important to avoid vitamin c when taking adhd meds containing dextroamphetamine, as its acidity interferes with their absorption.

i’ve recently been prescribed adderall (dexedrine as of yesterday), so i’m now wondering about the specifics.
namely, i’m wondering how long it takes for an instant-release pill to fully absorb, or absorb to the point where soylent would not interfere.

does it absorb over the course of its effects? or does it absorb at the outset, in which case consuming soylent would cause no interference thereafter?

curious to hear your take on this, or any related info re soylent & prescription stimulants. thanks.

Talk to a real doctor because it may just mean don’t take a vitamin C supplement, which would likely contain far more vitamin C than you should be consuming a day anyways compared to soylents 100% recommended amount.


Ask your doctor, we’re not medical experts.