Soylent storage space and prep -- powder, liquid?


I understand that Soylent is a liquid diet, but all I see on storage is that it lasts “years”.

I know the expiration would not have been explicitly tested if that’s the case, but I’m curious if ordering a month’s supply is supposed to take up pantry space or fridge space, and about how much.

If it’s shipped in powder form, I’m also curious – just add water?


Yup. Just add water, the powdered ingredients should last quite some time. Also it’d increase the cost considerably to ship pre mixed when water is so readily available to to the early adopters.


If the mix contains 2000 calories per day, and has an average kcal/g of 4, each daily dose will be about 500g. If you know what a 500g container of whey or flour looks like, I would expect it to take up that much room. I would expect a 28 day supply to be pretty large. The size of 6 5lb/2.2kg whey containers.


My own formulation takes up twice as much space as water, as a dry powder. Meaning that individually packed meals for 3 weeks fit into a 561937cm package I have here.