Soylent Strawberry Pre-orders


Preorders for Strawberry Drink appear to be available on the website:

I placed an order. Additionally, my receipt included a picture of a new container.



Let us know what you think when you get your order.


Thanks for the notice. I preordered too. I’m a little worried - I’m leaving on vacation on June 29, but the preorder says it will be delivered on the 27th or earlier, so keeping my fingers crossed that it shows up on time!


I got a sweet 50% off coupon code in an email from Soylent.

Also, looks like it will be in the rumored new bottle. EDIT: oh the OP mentioned it.

Can’t wait!


I didn’t see an estimated delivery date on my subs page, the email order confirmation or the email with the coupon code telling me about Strawberry preorders. All I see is the standard: “Delivered Jun 21 – Jun 27” on the Drink page (but I don’t think that is referring to Strawberry). Where’d you see yours?


That’s where I saw it. You’re probably right, that’s standard delivery notice, and the preorder will come later. I return on July 11, hopefully it doesn’t come while I’m out and sit on my doorstep for a week or so.


Ah, okay. Well try to have fun on your vacay without stressing about your Strawberry delivery! :smiley:


I jumped in on that deal too. Look forward to it, as well as them bringing back Nectar :grin:


Great for drink subs, no word on powder? You know someone HAD to ask


Maybe one day :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Y’all got any more of them coupons?


@Conor Know if we’ll see strawberry in stores anytime soon?


Will this be coming to stores in individual retail sales like the other flavors? I’ll be looking for it in my Hyvee :slight_smile:


Retail rollout will take more time, but expect it on Amazon very soon.


Will you be putting the ingredients for Strawberry up soon? Currently only Original and Cacao show. I’m guessing it’s the same as Cacao except for the flavoring?


We will on the official launch day. :slight_smile:


Is the official launch day public? I didn’t see it on the order page but I’m not always super-observant.

Will the preorders be shipped on launch day, or a couple days earlier to try to time their arrival to launch day? (I know Amazon has gotten really good at making sure people get their preorders on the very day of their official release, but I can understand if Rosa isn’t ready to commit to that much accuracy in their logistics.)


No yet but, in the grand scale of the universe, your entire life and this product launch are essentially the same blips.


In the grand scale of the universe you were born at the same time as your great grandfather, but the difference still seems significant :smiley:


can’t wait to see the new product and test it out :slight_smile: Will it be in bottles and powder? I hope it comes in a powder :slight_smile: