Soylent Strawberry Pre-orders


RTD aka bottle :slight_smile:


Just got my shipping notification. It’s happening!!


Sweet! I’m very eager to test the new product ! Is there any plan in the future to offer it in a powdered version?


Me too!

Dear Soylent customer,

Your order was shipped via FedEx Home Delivery, and is estimated to arrive June 22, 2018 - June 28, 2018.

The following item was included in this shipment:

1 x 12 x 14 oz Soylent Drink - Strawberry (01STR050312)

Can’t wait.


I’ve seen Conner hint about a powdered Strawberry Soylent version before, but I think it’s something they can’t confirm right now.


Looks like my Strawberry shipped out as well. Look forward to it - of course we will hold @Conor personally responsible if it’s not up to community standards. :yum:


We are focused on RTD flavors, but we do have a team devoted to powders. I can’t promise Strawberry, but they are working on other delicious flavors.


Curious if Strawberry it will contain food coloring. It’s not a huge factor for me, but to remain consistent with the early goals/vision for Soylent, I expect there to be none.


My tracking number just went live. It should arrive some time Saturday. Anybody else getting theirs earlier?


Thursday 6/28 for me. For some reason it’s shipping from here:

Normally I get shipments from:


thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Shipwire is our warehousing company, they ship from a few dozen locations around the country.


@Zenman no food coloring, still a pale white.

IMO the new bottles are worse! Its back to previous style where you have to thumb the plastic wrap off the top, no more locking ring, but with the addition of a foil seal. (yay more waste). See image below. Its also taller than the previous bottles.

The smell and taste remind me of Cap’n Crunch Berry’s milk, maybe a bit more “chemical” tasting though.

Image of the new bottle:


Good to hear! (Food coloring would be a huge ‘jump the shark’ moment)


Same for me, to both parts.


Well this sucks for those of us who didn’t have an issue opening the new (or old now I guess) bottles. ‘Sucks’ is maybe too strong, more like ‘extremely minor inconvenience’. And I really liked that the new (or old now I guess) bottles were shorter than the old (or older now I guess) bottles, for refrigerator storing purposes. So I already count 2 ‘extremely minor inconveniences’ in regards to these new (new) bottles! I guess they do look kinda sexy though.


Yea its just annoying that they finally had a good bottle design and then they abort it.
These new ones, the wrapper easily rips off and the sharp lip is back :frowning:


i love crunch berries :slight_smile:


I remember growing up in Daytona Beach and begging my mom to stop at the only Coastal that carried strawberry milk. Now I can order pure nostalgia right to my doorstep and drink it on the way to work!

But seriously, this is damn good stuff. You’re gonna make me go broke with all these RTD flavors. Hurry up with the powder!


Can anybody in San Francisco sell me a bottle of Strawberry? (I don’t want to buy 12 and then find out I either don’t like it or have my stomach not like it)