Soylent Strawberry Pre-orders


Unfortunately / fortunately our customer base has been growing rapidly. That meant we needed to bring on new factories to keep up with demand. The issue with that and Sqround was because the bottle design was so custom we were left with very few factories capable of running it, So we migrated to a design that more facilities could run. That being said we have a full time packaging engineer so new designs are by no means ending.


I’m drinking my first Strawberry as I write this. I never had the nectar, so I can’t compare it to that, but compared to the plain and cacao, this isn’t bad but it’s a step away from what I’m looking for. In Soylent I’m looking for something that feels like a meal as you drink it, something that tastes substantial and filling. This strawberry tastes kind of light, like a children’s drink. It is on the sweet side and not meal-like at all. It isn’t bad though, sweet but not too sweet, not very strawberry-ish (no tartness for example) but still a nice floral flavor. I just feel like it’s not what I would choose when I’m hungry, I’d rather have a plain or cacao in that case.

About the bottle - definitely not as nice as the sqround, I agree with the comments on that.


you can probably buy a single bottle on ebay for 10 bucks, or amazon will probably sell a variety 3 pack for 15 lol.


No way, I want the amount I ordered! :smiley:


Just had my first bottle. I LOVE IT!! Tastes similar to how I remember the mystery flavor sample from last year tasting – a lot like Nestle Strawberry Quik. My new favorite flavor for sure!! :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry:


I was just gonna ask if there was anyone who had the mystery flavor strawberry and the new official strawberry, and if they were similar (because if they are basically the same thing, I’m wondering why it took so long to release).


I’m sipping off my first bottle of strawberry. I’m not a fan really, but maybe I’ll learn to love it as I drink through the 12 bottles I ordered. It’s not too sweet or unsweet, but it isn’t really like strawberry either. It has a similar “chemical” taste that nectar did for me. Other comments saying it’s lighter than other flavors seem accurate to me, it’s a thinner consistency, or at least it comes off that way. I wouldn’t be able to compare it to strawberry milk. I haven’t had it since I was a kid since I don’t like it. So maybe it is similar considering I don’t like this either.


I got my first strawberries today. They are ok. I think this flavor might be good powdered. I find them decently filling (or is that because I just had two bowls of restaurant Andersen’s Pea Soup and am still full?) Anyway, I like that Strawberry isn’t so good it is threatening to my ability to resist it. Yet, it is good enough. I don’t care about the packaging.


Had a chance to try it today. First impressions are tricky, as mentioned above, but in the spirit of having both a first and a later impression available:

The bottle feels wasteful. I don’t need to peel off a bunch of plastic and then peel a foil cap. One or the other should be sufficient. As a general principle, I prefer my bottled ready to go drink to require one action to open, rather than two or three.

The taste was a lot milder than I remembered Nectar being, which is a good thing. The sweetness and chemical tang (the description of ‘fruity pebbles plus lemon pledge’ has stuck with me) kept me from really loving it or being able to use Nectar as a grab-and-go-and-forget-about-it meal, which Strawberry fits.

The SO and I were doing 2x Cacao and 1x Chai monthly, pending her approval I’m going to be pretty happy to swap to Cacao/Chai/Strawberry.


been checking every day for strawberry powder :disappointed_relieved::sob:


Sadly it’s not coming out. We maybe in the future start doing 1:1 Drink:Powder launches, but for now we launch products solo mostly.


My wife will probably get to this before I do. I’ll share my thoughts after I try it.

The wife was disappointed that Nectar is never coming back. Maybe if we put fruit loops in one of those pitchers with a strainer in it (the ones for cold brew/tea) along with 2.0 we can get the nectar flavor.


The strawberry is good, it’s not great but it’s pretty good. I didn’t experience a weird after taste. It’s a light strawberry, not over powering, definitely for those with a sweet tooth. It’s not something I could consume every day but it’s a nice break for when you have a hankering for a sweet meal.


Update: I’m still enjoying our supply of Strawberry but my other half was not too happy with it. She’s going to stick with just Chai and since I have to choose between Strawberry and Cacao (at least until I get through a backlog) I’ll be finishing out our Cacao. When we get through some boxes that have accumulated, get back from vacation, and resume our sub, we might reconsider. If there’s a reformulation I’ll definitely order another box since I’d love to sell her on them.

She was very much in the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ camp, and it seems that the people who loved Nectar aren’t going for Strawberry, but the people who found something they couldn’t get past in Nectar are often enjoying Strawberry more.


Anecdotally, Nectar was my favorite, but I also like strawberry a lot (although, not as much).


I don’t like the taste of the strawberry and won’t order it again. I have tried the other flavors and always went back to ordering the original which i love. I do like the new bottles. Even though they are now a three-step process again they are still much easier to open