Soylent studies for a French University


Hey guys ! We’re a bunch of students from La Sorbonne University, Paris. We are making research about the Soylent and we’re trying to better understant the habits and the motivation of the Soylent’s consumers. Would you please answer our questions right here to help us ? Don’t hesitate if you are any questions. Thank you very much !



Done! Will your results be available in English? Sadly, I have not yet learned French.


Done! Good luck, hope you get lots of responses :slight_smile:


I filled it out too.


Done. Short and sweet survey.

@livingparadox, check out Duolingo. The folks behind Captcha designed it to help in translating the internet into every major language, and you learn a language while you give 'em some free labor. :wink:


Thank you for reminding me of that! I definitely ought to set aside time for that.