Soylent Subscription Help Please


I was charged on 10/15 for my latest subscription order and have not received an email verifying this charge or any tracking information. I am about to run out and I’m not getting any response from Soylent via email. Can anyone help with this?


Anyone else having delays getting their subscription shipment?


This exact situation is happening to me now. I am running low on my last shipment.

I emailed and Julia replied today, basically saying that the order is being processed by the factory now.

I’ve got a recurring monthly subscription. I was billed on 9/5 for my first batch, then again on 10/15 for my next batch. That’s not 28 days, not even close, and my 10/15 reorder hasn’t shipped.

My guess is that we are going through a second series of delays now that v1.1 is rolling out. I don’t know that for sure, but I think Rosa Labs may have spread out the orders a bit to pad the supply. I don’t want it to happen the same way next time, so I hope they’ll stick to a strict 28 day re-order.

Any insight Rosa Labs can provide will be helpful here. Radio silence is not as helpful as bad news, as they say around these parts often.


I got my first 7 week shipment this past Monday, and after trying it that night immediately ordered a 28 day subscription that same night. It shipped today, should be here next Monday. Doesn’t sound like any delays due to v1.1.


I actually finally got an answer today saying my order would ship soon, and then a few hours later I got another email confirming shipment. Hopefully it will arrive before I run out, but more than likely will be without for a day or two. But at least I know its on the way.