Soylent subscription reorder


I received my Soylent and am now on week 2, I will be out of Soylent by Sunday. I put in a subscription but just want to verify when/if it will ship to continue using soylent daily for a bit.

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Your subscription is scheduled to ship out today. You should receive it by Thursday.


@MattCauble by any chance do you know if my subscription is scheduled to ship today? I’m also close to running out.

Note: I have two active two-week subscriptions, and am referring to the one that was billed on 8/25.


Thanks Matt! @MattCauble


I too have a question about my Soylent reorder. I placed a reorder on August 27. The subscription page shows that it is shipping in 10-12 weeks. I ran out of soylent 2 days ago, 2 weeks after I placed the reorder. I’m curious when my order will ship. I’m really enjoying Soylent and have missed it the past couple days. I look forward to continuing to eat it.
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Hey @puzzlepiece Thank you for letting us know! You should have just received a tracking number for your shipment to be sent out tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any more questions.



Thanks for the quick response!


Okay, got charged on 10/15 for my next re-order, but have not received any tracking info from Soylent or Fed ex.

What are the chances I will have my order before Monday so I don’t run out of Soylent?



Okay, I’m at the point I need to try and plan my breakfast and lunch budget since I haven’t been able to get an answer on when my reorder will ship. I should’ve had my order by now since I got charged on the 15th. The previous reorder was received 2 days after being charged. @Soylent @MattCauble @JulioMiles.

Can someone at least shoot me a pm with some type of idea how much time I will need to adjust my budget for? Depending on how long this is, I may have to put my subscription on hold for a month.


Ooo ooo me too. Halfway through last box. Don’t know if sub went through or whathaveyou.


Yeah, me too – My last monthly box was charged on 9/9 and came on 9/11; I was charged again on 10/15 (don’t know why it was 6 days later than a month after…) and haven’t seen a word about shipping. I’m out already.

The whole goal of us waiting a stupid long time to get started was so we wouldn’t have to stop once we did. It’s pretty obnoxious of them to charge us for monthly subscriptions, pretend there are no shipping delays, and just let us hang.



I received my subscription (7 bags a month) and would like to up it. What is the easiest way to change my subscription?


Cancel your current subscription and add a new one at the level you want. That’s the only way to upgrade at the moment


Does that usually mean another 3 month wait?


No, once you’ve received your first order, you maintain order priority forever. If you use the same email, any future orders or subscriptions will be given reorder priority.


Ditto, got charged on the 22nd. No notice of shipment and no shipment.


Received an email a few hours ago saying it will ship in 1-2 days.

Just got this response on twitter. “We ship reorders in 1-2 weeks, please DM us if you think your reorder got missed!”

Still no response here.