Soylent Super Bowl snacks


I’ve been thinking about this and want to incorporate Soylent into the celebration. I’ve done the sweet with brownies and cookies. Does anyone have suggestions for making solid savory Soylent treats?


Soylent cornbread with which to make corndogs and pigs in Soylentlets

EDIT: Yeah, I don’t think this is the thread for me :slight_smile:


That actually sounds doable. I was thinking along those lines. Adding cornmeal And chilies baking soda, (what am I missing?)


That sounds too good to be true! Here’s a basic recipe, I’ve yet to cook with Soylent so I’m not sure what else you’d need but you’re right, Soylent should be able to fit in there somewhere.

Has anyone tried frying a Soylent batter?


I would sub the Soylent for the flour.


I wonder how well it would work for a soylent cake if you add baking powder, not soda, to the mix. Maybe an egg for a thickener?


Ok thought I would report on my experiment. I took the pizza dough recipe from our Zojirushi bread maker, made some adaptions and ended up with jalepeno lime crackers. Not exactly what I was going for. I used 2 3/4 cup of Soylent and 1 cup of masa harina corn flour. I was hoping to make something like a tortilla chip. Due to the consistency of the dough I couldn’t roll it out thin enough for that. The first batch I baked was heavy on the jalepeno aftertaste and something was missing. For the second batch I brushed them with a combination of salt & lime juice. This helped balance the taste. The one thing I can’t figure out is the odd smell. I can’t even describe it. It’s not bad just different.
What I might change next time is to skip the masa and the added gluten. (I don’t think they did anything) I’ll use all purpose flour with the Soylent if I try it again.
So I think a basic dough might work. I’ll try again next week.


Soylent cake works great. I’ve been experimenting a lot with brownies last year, and at least one batch came out much more like a cake. If I’d put frosting on it, I would never have thought it was anything but a cake, and was delicious.

Adding eggs definitely makes it more cake like, and using baking powder instead of soda is now my default for brownies too. Made a huge difference in texture.


Make Soylent pupusas?


Everyone here is thinking of the ways to incorporate Soylent into their food and I am just sitting here waiting to drink it…