Soylent Survey (feedback)


Just took your survey and noticed that you don’t have an option for ‘0’ meals in your questions regarding how many meals you’ll replace with Soylent during the week and during the weekend. If you want to get the most accurate data, I would suggest you add those options. I, for example, will probably not use Soylent on the weekends at all. Maybe that isn’t important, but I always try to get the best information possible whenever I’m doing a survey and not providing that option means you might not get accurate answers to those questions.


@Julio_Miles I had no clue about the survey. Given that most people come to the forum and pretty much live on the forum, how about creating a section with official Soylent announcements for stuff like this?


The problem I had with the survey is the questions about a vegan formulation. Given that the survey only went to people who were already buying non-vegan soylent, how could you possibly hope to gauge interest in a vegan formulation?

I know a lot of people (well ok, 3) who are waiting on the vegan version, but that question was never asked.


Where is the survey at?

edit: Found it


I’m sorry, but I would be less inclined to talk about Soylent if it was called “Nom”

I was actually surprised the survey asked about Athletes and gaining weight. Almost any food / diet / nutrition that I see is about losing weight. Big kudos for including the over weight challenged. :smiley:


Seconded. Dear god, please do not change the name to Nom.


Agreed, I hate the name Soylent but Nom is just silly. I purchase but I am absolutely ager for a Vegan version.


Could be worse, in the Vorkosigan scifi series of novels there’s something very like soylent, produced by bugs and called ‘bug butter’…it gets a lot of hilarious reactions from the various characters…


I actually really like the name Soylent. I think it fits nicely, personally. Even if the name is changed, I’ll still probably call it Soylent.