Soylent Swap Thread


Since 1.4 is not going over well in our household, and we don’t know how long it will be the current formula, I’d like to start the process of seeking individuals who might like to swap their 1.3 with our 1.4, as soon as it begins arriving (should be later this month).

We receive 35 bags per month (at uneven intervals since it’s 2 subscriptions) and though we have a decent backlog of 1.3 at this moment, it will only see us through this month or slightly longer. So if this appeals to anyone who prefers 1.4, let’s make arrangements and conclude the transaction once our next 1.4 arrives (already swapping our first bags with another local forum member today).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m in Santa Clara but have no problem shipping to any trusted forum member who does the same in return (have done so before without issue).

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FOR SALE: Soylent 1.4 and 1.5 in sealed boxes (28 meals per box) - $50
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Have 2 weeks worth of 1.4 - anyone willing to trade for 1.3 or buy? (NYC area)

If anyone in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina wants to trade their 1.3 for my 1.4 please PM me. I have one and a half cases (11 bags) of 1.4 that I would like to trade.


If anyone is near College Station, TX, I’ve got a few pouches of 1.3 I’d love to trade for 1.4. I’m currently drinking Phill Fuel (courtesy of @axcho - Thanks!), but am interested in trying 1.4.


I’ve already swapped mine with the guy who’s allergic to seed oils.


Near Berkeley and have 12 packages of V1.4 , looking for V1.3 or any earlier version.


I have about 30 bags of 1.3. I’m in the Bay Area (California) also. I’d be willing to try 1.4 (swap 1 bag) and then make a decision about swapping for the rest. I’d prefer to do the initial trial (1 bag swap) with someone local.

The oil in 1.3 is a little bitter and repulsive to me, I typically cut it with a wedge of lemon and extra salt-- so even knowing that they reduced the vanilla flavoring, if that bitterness goes away in 1.4 I might prefer it. (I have no food allergies that I’m aware of.)


I am in San Diego and have 1 week and 2 bags of version 1.3 available. Happy to swap a few of them for version 1.4 either via mail or in person.


We could meet up if you like… send me a PM and let’s see where we are to each other.


Im in the NYC/North Jersey Area and have 1 week of 1.2 that I’m probably not gonna drink, I’d be willing to swap for someone’s 1.4 if they’re interested (it’s okay if you don’t have a full week, my only other way to get rid of the 1.2 would be to sell it on ebay, and that’s a hassle.)


I have 2 weeks of 1.1 and will trade for any version.

Not actually expecting takers, but it’s worth a shot.


Look at all you folks with yer new fangled versions, golly. Here I’m still sittin’ on old 1.0…


“You kids these days… In my time, Soylent gave us gas and we liked it by gum!”


I’ve decided that I want to get in on this swap. I’ve offered my current 1.3 inventory to two local Soylent pioneers who want 1.3 in exchange for their 1.4. If anything falls through (who knows, they may have already traded away their 1.4) then I’ll post again here.

I find 1.4 more neutral, the removal of the repulsive oil makes Soylent more palatable. I have fewer side effects from 1.4. It’s an overall improvement to the pioneering experience.

I’ll post again in another couple of days if I have any unclaimed 1.3.


This confuses me… Soylent 1.4 is the first to have the “repulsive” oil (i.e. sunflower based). Am I misreading this somehow?


I live in the piedmont triad of NC also! But unfortunately I am trying to get rid of my 1.4 too.


No, the algae based oil that was in 1.3 was extremely repulsive to me.


Both of those local to me indicated they have already traded away their 1.4.

I’m now open to a swap of 29 bags with anyone who is interested in trading.

Are you pausing/canceling due to 1.4?

I have an unopened 1-week box of “V3” (what is that, 1.2?) if anybody would like to trade me their 1.4 for it. Philadelphia area, but willing to ship.

I discontinued my subscription, but the changes to 1.4 sound exciting to me–the new texture in particular sounds appealing.

Are you pausing/canceling due to 1.4?

Ah I see. Wow that’s really something… I was pleasantly shocked to find that (to me anyway) it had absolutely no scent at all, and imparted no flavor that I could detect whatsoever. In fact it had less scent and flavor than the pure canola oil we’d been using previously.

But, taste is a mighty funky thing.


This gives me a thought. Maybe scientists or whoever breeds them, should start breeding oil seed crops for more neutrality/less smell less taste too. It really will open more of them for human consumption regularly. I mean if they are not doing it already.