Soylent Swap Thread


I have a 6 weeks of 1.3 and 6 weeks of 1.0, willing to trade for 1.4.

I’m in the Atlanta area, or I could ship.


I’ll keep you in mind. I’m nearby. I have three unopened boxes of v1.4 I’m pretty sure I’ll never touch.
If my girlfriend doesn’t like v1.4 I’ll be up for trading/selling my v1.4 and just wait until reviews for 1.5 come in.


New York City resident here, would love to trade my 13 bags of 1.4 for 1.3

Willing to ship if necessary!


I’ll happily swap a full week of my 1.4 for your 1.2!


I have several week-boxes of 1.3 that I would like to trade for 1.4 - is there anyone still out there looking for more 1.3?

I’m just outside DC and would need the 1.4 shipped to NH.


I am interested!
I have 3 week boxes of 1.4! (and 6 bags)

I would LOVE to get 1.3 again


great! sent you a pm for details


Crap. I canceled, but was charged today and notified my shipment was arriving tomorrow. I just got my March shipment 18 days ago and was not expecting another charge until April. Neither was my bank account. If I can’t get refunded or the shipment returned, I’ll need to unload it.


I have thus far liked 1.4 (I do think it’s a bit slimy but not enought to put me off) and would like to trade my remaining 1.3. Anyone in the Cincinnati area? I have 3 weeks and 2 days worth of 1.3 to trade.


i’m in ann arbor, MI so pretty close. I dislike 1.4 so much that i’d be willing to drive and meet you in the middle to make the trade. Otherwise just shipping it would be fine. I have 3 weeks and maybe 4 days of 1.4 and need more of that delicious 1.3. PM me if interested


Not interested in swapping, but interested in buying any previous version of Soylent. See

I can certainly order someone some 1.4 to turn it into a swap if they like. I’m in SLC, UT


I have one unopened box plus 6 bags of 1.4, looking for v1.3 to trade.

I’m in Orlando if someone is local, but I am certainly willing to ship.


Anyone want to buy 12 days worth of 1.4? I can’t drink it.


Chicago area. I have 27 bags of 1.4 to trade for 1.3
I am in it for the long haul, but this version is more difficult for me than 1.2 was.


@iocon @nightsta1ker @JCA320, some people have reported that soylent has become easier to drink after the first day, so if you’all are dumping it after just the first try, i suggest you give it one more day.


Given all the extremely wide-ranging experiences of 1.4, I intend to try at least one more bag from the batch of 7 that is now shipping to us. Maybe it’ll be completely different and we won’t mind it. Here’s hoping…


Wish they could expand production to the point that they run two versions of soylent. Would love to still have the chance to buy 1.3 over 1.4


For people who have traded by shipping, how has the experience been? Do you both just ship to each other simultaneously? Or have you only traded in person?


So far I’ve swapped by shipping once (we both shipped simultaneously) and purchased from other forum members via shipping (they shipped after the money was sent) a couple times. Every experience has been perfectly smooth, though in 2 of 3 of my cases it helped that it was with someone I’d had numerous exchanges with in the forum. In the 3rd case it was with someone who was a lurker but not much of a participator. It all felt above board to me and ultimately it was. Still, probably a good idea to send funds via a method you have at least some potential recourse from, like using a credit card via Paypal (which is what I did). Doesn’t guarantee any protection but, it’s better than nothing on the off chance something goes sideways.


I shipped simultaneously. We sent each other our Priority Mail tracking numbers and everything went fine.