Soylent Swap Thread


I have nearly two weeks’ worth of 1.3 – one unopened box plus six bags/oil bottles – and am looking to swap for the same in 1.4. I’d also be willing to take two full boxes of 1.4, and I’ll add $10 to make up for the missing bag of 1.3. I’m in San Jose CA, would obviously prefer to meet in the SF Bay Area to exchange, but I’m also open to shipping.


I have several unopened boxes of 1.4 that I would like to trade for 1.3 or earlier. Local swap would be great – Upstate SC or Asheville, NC area.

I’d be willing to ship as well.


I have 1.4 that’d like to trade for 1.3.

Philadelphia/SNJ area and willing to ship


Two unopened boxes of Original formula (v1.0) and one unopened box of v1.2 for trade in Northern Virginia…


I have 3 unopened boxes of 1.4 that I would like to trade for 1.3. I am in New York City.
I also have several sealed bags from an opened box.
I’m willing to ship.
Thank You!


If people are still swapping versions, I’m game. 1.4 has been my favorite by far. I have full unopened boxes of 1.2 and 1.3 - three each, IIRC.

I’m located in Los Angeles and would prefer to deal locally.


Would you swap for a 5-pouch box of Soylent 1.4? I’ll add cash to compensate for the two remaining bags of course.


Anybody in Texas? I have a month of 1.4 to swap for 1.3 or any older version.


Anyone in the Boston or Providence areas who wants to sell or trade - I am seeking 1.3 (or any earlier version) and looking to buy, but could also potentially trade 1.4.


What’s your point in quoting my comment from this thread and referencing a Craigslist ad in Northern Virginia?

How do you have so much free time to troll this forum and research craigslist advertisements? Are you unemployed and bitter? Have you nothing better to do?

I suspect you’ll continue trolling so I’ll leave you with this and be done with you; Never wrestle with a pig…you get dirty and the pig enjoys it. Enjoy the mud, Ric.


As stated in the other thread. Civility is most important. Take the personal back and forth elsewhere. You can have a disagreement without making direct personal comments.


I have a 2-week supply of 1.4 for sale in the greater Atlanta Area.


I have 2 weeks of 1.4. Would swap for 1.5. Boston area.


im in west texas and been thinking about selling off my excess soylent i have 11 weeks of 1.4, 11 weeks of 1.3, and 1 week of 1.2


Seeking all the 1.3 we can get our hands on. 1.5 will not work for us, tastes pretty much the same as 1.4. Anyone with 1.3 to sell/swap for 1.5, please let me know ASAP!


Anyone still have 1.3? I have 3 weeks of 1.5 and I’d love to trade. Message me.


I’m still in the market for 1.3 in Texas. I have plenty of 1.4 or 1.5 for trade or I will purchase your 1.3.


Anybody interested in my 1.4 for your 1.5? I have 29 pouches of 1.4 (L batch) that I’d exchange for, say, 25 pouches of 1.5.


:wave: I have two unopened boxes (7 pouches each) of 1.3 if anyone wants it, I would be happy to sell - or - trade for 1.5


Maybe everyone likes 1.5 better than 1.4, but one more offer: I’ll trade three boxes of 1.4 for two boxes of 1.5.