Soylent Swap Thread


Where do you live?..

Anybody want som 1.4
Bad gas from 1.5 but never had from 1.4

San Francisco area; but I’m willing to ship. (Priority Mail isn’t too bad if you take them out of the boxes and consolidate in a larger box.)


If anyone in the Seattle area likes 1.4 I have a bunch for sale or trade.


Hey guys,

I’m in NYC and have a month of 1.4. Interested in 1.3 or earlier or selling it. If you live in NYC, that’d be great so we don’t have to deal with shipping.

How’s 1.5 working out so far? Hope they got rid of the slime…


I had to stop 1.4 because i couldn’t stomach it. I was excited with 1.5 when it came out. The flavor profile was better than 1.4, and had a much better consistency. But after 14 pouches, i cannot handle it. Suspended my subscription til 1.6. One more iteration, and if it isn’t better, giving up on Soylent altogether.
Email if you are interested in buying. Going cheap.


Where are you located?


Indiana. I’ll pay shipping


I’ve got 1.3 and 1.2 for sell - just couldn’t make it through it all. There are 4 boxes of 1.3 and 1 and 5/7 boxes of 1.2. Of those six, only one box has been opened. All the oil is included. Ping me if you’re interested for working out cost details.


I have four boxes of V 1.3 and four boxes of V 1.4 that I would like to get rid of.
Basically, I had a 4 box (7 bags to a box) subscription and I eat out for dinner and travel enough times that I have not been able to consume all my Soylent. Now, I am using my V 1.5. If you are interested in buying some V 1.3 or V 1.4, contact me.

If no one from here shows any interest, I am going to try to sell it on eBay.



I live in NYC, have a box of unopened 1.5 to sell. $50 or best offer, unopened. Willing to meet anywhere in NYC. Email


I’m in Orlando, and I have a full box of 1.4 that I can’t stomach. I loved 1.3. If anyone wants to trade, let me know.


Selling two months of 1.3 in East Bay

I’d like to find a bag of 1.5 to try locally. Anyone in the Salt Lake valley wanting to trade/sell me a day’s worth? I have some 1.0.


I have two weeks of 1.3 (14 packages+oil) in the Bay Area from February and March (12/2015 expiration). Hardly unboxed, just opened the tape to check that everything is in there. I got too much 1.4 and I like it much better for the sake of hassle. But I hear some people are still on the hunt for 1.3, so I thought I’d put them up.

PM me if you’re interested! Willing to ship/sell/trade.


I’m good now. Thanks


Quick summary: I’m looking to swap or sell up to 3.5 weeks of 1.5. I’m in central NC and possibly will do the sell/swap in person even if I have to drive far, with the idea of combining the sell/swap with a tour/vacation on my part. Or barring that, I’ll do a shipping sell/swap. I’m willing to do a two bag of 1.5 for one bag of pre-1.5 swap or a straight sale for $5 per bag, with the buyer paying for shipping.

Longer summary: I usually do two bags per week of Soylent, or 8.5 bags per month. That relatively small amount actually makes a big difference in my life and one of the reasons I’m so big on the idea of Soylent is a relatively small amount that is can make a big difference. But on that premise, in order to save a view bucks I ordered 28 days of 1.5 instead of my usual 7 days. IOW, I ordered four months worth at my current rate of consumption instead of one months worth.

There is something that trumps my like of Soylent and that is my dislike of gout. I’ve had a few serious bouts in the past, or at least I think that’s what it was, and I’ve learned that it’s something I want to avoid at all costs. As far as I know one of the potential triggers of gout is a diet high in oat products. 1.5 is high in oat products and although 1.4 apparently is too. I consumed 1.4 without problems but the few times I’ve consume 1.5 I’d have a response that is gout-ish and that makes me want to not use it anymore. Not that I had big flares of gout, but my past experience says that when you have little flares you need to change what is causing them or else face the consequences.

So that’s why I’m selling. my 1.5. Maybe I’ll try one more of my 1.5 bags but the larger idea is to pare down my 1.5 amount, especially since 2.0 comes out in October and it doesn’t have oats (I think).

So there ya go. Anyone wanting to deal please let me know.


I’m selling the previous versions that have piled up at home over the last few months. Will probably put them on eBay but figured I’d give the folks here the first crack at it, especially since there are some that have liked older versions better than the current ones. I’m asking $40 + shipping for each 7 day supply (or $6 for each day for the looseleaf ones).

Here’s what I’ve got:
v1.0: 4 weeks, 6 days
v1.3: 7 weeks, 2 days
v1.4: 7 weeks, 5 days

Drop me a private message if you’re interested.


I have some early versions I’d like to sell. I much prefer the powdered oil versions and it has become clear that I’m not going to finish the remaining earlier versions. All are unopened, one-week boxes.

1.1 - 1 box
1.2 - 2 boxes
1.3 - 2 boxes

Make an offer through private email. I will ship as desired and add the cost of shipping to the price.

I live in Lexington, KY, in case that’s might be within driving distance.


selling 11 boxes 1.4, 11 boxes 1.3, and 2 boxes 1.2 from texas will ship anywhere usa


Tagging @vanclute for the 1.3.


I have 2 boxes and 6 days (20 puches) of 1.4 available for trade as I am allergic to sunflower. Is anyone willing to trade? Preferably for 1.3 , it was my favorite.
Let me know and thank you in advance.