Soylent Sweeps!

I just converted a co-worker over to the dark side and she suggested a sweepstakes…

Put a gold token or coin under one of the caps of 2.0 and who ever finds it gets to name the next flavor…Or wins 2 weeks of 2.oh


I 2nd that idea! :smiley:

We’ve discussed this idea before,it sounds like a lot of fun. There are a variety of ways we could implement it. We discussed giving away 52 cases, one for every week.


Or a tour of the factory and a ride in a glass elevator…

edit… lol! by mere seconds @Muggle!


Cool, sounds like it would be a hit…I like the gold token thing personally because it reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

Hey you could even throw in a tour of RL headquarters or one of the main Soylent Manufacturers/Packagers/Distributors…

Probably would make the news, so good extra exposure

LOL yep @GregH


Oh please no, they’re already bad enough.

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But it worked out oh so well for PepsiCo when they tried it with Mountain Dew.

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I would name the new flavor Brawndo.


Ok, if you win, I’ll allow it. There was an electrolyte version on that survey.

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I take it back, I would request a banana flavor, name it Musa.

Perhaps one day language can be a total impediment to understanding.

I wouldn’t be able to help myself, I’d name it Green.