Soylent Switchover Dangers


My girlfriend and I first ordered our Soylent back in May, and when we hadn’t received anything by August we decided to use a D.I.Y recipe. We settled on one by QuidNYC, that has corn masa flour as its base ingredient. Our bodies readily adapted with no ill effects, and suddenly our energy levels were higher than they had been in a
long time. The recipe itself tastes like cocoa dirt. It has a thick and granular texture that I have to really water down to drink.

We decided that we still love food too much to completely leave it out of our lives so we have DIY Soylent for breakfast and lunch, a smaller amount for dinner (for the nutritional benefits), along with a lighter than normal dinner usually consisting of a salad with either chicken or steak. Once a week we either go out to eat for dinner or we pick up something and bring it home—kind of our reward for doing well.

Both of us have lost unwanted (body fat) weight, and we have been doing various workouts such as insanity, mountain bike riding, hiking, lifting weights, etc. One of the truly nice aspects of being on Soylent is having the energy to do some of these things whereas in the past we’d be too tired after working all day. The difference is amazing.

Low and behold the official Soylent arrived. We were both excited since this meant no more turning the kitchen into an amateur chemistry lab. One bag, one bottle, mix and go—it can’t be more simple. We mixed up the first day’s
worth on Friday and split it between us to try it; I daresay it was almost delicious, and I actually was drinking it because I enjoyed it, not just because it was good for me.

Our reward this night was Chipotle; I got a steak burrito without rice, and she got a bowl. That night, I
noticed something strange happening in my digestive tract. It felt vaguely like an alien moving back and forth through my intestines.

The first explosions happened while lying in bed half asleep with my girlfriend around 4am. Luckily
the blasts were contained by the comforter and she didn’t hear them, but the temperature between the sheets rapidly rose at least ten degrees. I rolled over to face the middle of the bed, which had the effect of slightly fluffing the sheets, and was hit by what could only by described as New Jersey sewage if everyone in New Jersey had Mexican food at the same time, and pulled the sheets and comforter off to allow venting of excess gas away from my girlfriend—I know, I am a gentleman.

The next round of blasts came faster and more powerfully than the first. They could not be contained no matter how clenching was done. I lost count after twelve, but there had to be between fifteen and twenty bursts, some sounding like a machine gun, others like grenades. There was a massive firefight emanating from my butt. It was then I realized that the official Soylent had weaponized the Chipotle burrito.

The room was instantly filled with a stench that was unbearable. My eyes and my nostrils burned. My girlfriend woke up and thought there was a sewage backup in the bathroom. The dog started whining.

I told my girlfriend that I would check on the possible sewage backup, went to the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the fan. I could not understand how one person could produce so much gas. It was amazing. Just fart after fart after fart. Not small ones mind you. Massive whoopy cushion farts. Had I been able to do this in middle school I would have been a legend.

The next day there were aftershocks until noon that were more potent than anything I had experienced.
Strong, lingering, super-extra concentrated farts that filled a two car garage within seconds.

That night I stuck to a pork chop for dinner, and had a much more peaceful nights sleep. We are going to switch over more slowly now, easing off the DIY and to the official Soylent, which I still find almost delicious.


Ahh, this is good stuff. Hilarious post. :smile:

Try drinking no more than 10 ounces per meal.


Unfortunately it sounds like your one of the unlucky people who gets the well documented gas from eating Soylent. Double doses of Beano seems to help some.



I have noticed that eating a mix of soylent (1.1) and “regular” food produces this in me. The other night I wanted to finish off my soylent to free up the pitcher for a new batch, so I at my regular dinner and around 500cal of soylent as well. That night was pretty much as you described; my wife went to sleep in the family room because she couldn’t stand it, and I didn’t blame her (had I been a gentleman like you, or if I were more awake to figure out the right thing to do, I would have gone myself). Later I had soylent and another food for lunch; same results. But when I eat only soylent for a meal, with no snacking nearby, I have no problems.

Not sure why this is, but I’m never going to mix soylent with regular food again. Too awful to risk it again.


Just a theory here…

I would imagine that steak gets digested a lot slower than Soylent, and by combining the two you caused the Soylent to linger in your stomach for too long, resulting in some pretty ferocious gas. Soylent is known to produce rancid gas if spoiled in a sealed container.


I remember hearing a theory that the order in which you eat your food, and not simply what you eat, plays a large role in the effectiveness with which your body digests it. So your theory isn’t without some evidence (I can’t remember which book it was, it was one my sister was reading by a dietitian).


I just have to say that I was literally crying from laughter because of the dreaded night. I am no stranger to funny reviews and stuff, though I have to say this one truly made me LOL very hard. Made an account to tell you.

In other news, as a part of my first post, I too am about to get Soylent 1.1 very soon!

When I eat fiber bars I have bad gas so I imagine I am one of the unfortunates…


Easy, man, you’re gonna blow an O-ring.


LOL OMG. I will never get tired of well written posts like this. Haven’t had a good one in a while, sounds like a whole new “generation” is finally getting their Soylent. Let the humor commence!

But seriously… yeah gas is a real issue with Soylent. It subsided almost entirely for me until about a week ago, I noticed it come back quite a bit again. Not sure why. I should pay better attention to the times I have gas and see if I can connect it to any additional foodstuffs.


Mine comes and goes. I was at an outdoor concert a few weeks back, and it was a very unlucky day for myself and some of the other attendees. I counted five people that left because my gas was so bad. Luckily there was a bit of a breeze so nobody could locate the perpetrator >:3


Try researching “fiber and flatulence” for more insights on this topic. I’ve found that if I have a full days worth of DIY soylent (with 100% of my dietary fiber needs) and then eat a can of beans my house turns into a biological war zone, whereas if I hold off on the beans it doesn’t seem to be that bad (I’d say pistol fire compared to machine gun, smell is bad either way though) I think this may be caused at least in part by the fiber overload from the soylent + beans. Although we can’t digest fiber, the bacteria in our gut have no problem digesting it and producing copious amounts gas as a byproduct. Mixing all that gas with the amount of sulfer in soylent from the sulfer-containing amino acids (M and C) may be the recipe for the “soylent but deadlies.”

I’m guessing there were beans in your chipotle burrito?

As an aside - to put soylent farts into perspective, we’re supposed to rip about 10-20 a day on a healthy diet, so if your experiencing around that amount maybe it’s a good sign!


we are supposed to rip about 10-20 a day on a healthy diet, says who? And what kind of ‘healthy’ diet is that?


Flatulence is caused by gut bacteria digesting things that we cannot digest. Some of these things are turned into digestible (and sometime necessary) nutrients when they are digested by the gut bacteria. Occasional flatulence is a sign that your gut bacteria are thriving and healthy. (Excessive flatulence is a sign that they are thriving too much though, and is typically caused by a diet change that the gut bacteria are not yet adapted to.) If you are having no flatulence, it is a sign that your diet is lacking something important (typically fiber and sometimes sulfur). Regular flatulence that does not stink is a sign that you are not consuming enough sulfur (Rob actually had this problem on his first long term experiment with Soylent; the lack of sulfur also started to cause joint pain).

Note that the 10 to 20 a day do not have to smell totally horrible or be that big. According to a web site I came across a while back, dedicated to the topic of flatulence, the average healthy person should produce/vent around a pint of gas a day (much of it occurs at night, and we typically do not even notice it). Don’t ask me how you would measure that though.


Even without the smell 10-20 times isnt what i think we are ‘supposed to’ :smile:

One website saying that isnt enough. We need more to come to that conclusion.



Thanks! My girlfriend read it while at work and she was crying as well…partly because she lived through it!


Yep…black beans. I was having 10-20 every half minute. But then again, when it sounds like you just fired off a machine gun with a full 30 round clip, does that count as one or thirty?


So we ended up not really doing much with Soylent 1.3, mostly since we started with DIY and had a fifty pound bag of corn masa, along with tons of other ingredients. The official Soylent was mostly used as a stop-gap when we didn’t have time to set up our Breaking Bad lab in the kitchen and mix up a supply of our own, and we gave away a few bags to people that were interested and in need of a healthy, easy solution for nutrition in their lives.

I have now received a shipment of version 1.4 just in time for us to take it on vacation to Aruba with us. I love the idea of being able to have breakfast and lunch taken care of while we are scuba diving or hiking around the island, and then settle down for a nice dinner later. This will be our first full time attempt at Soylent since the Great Chipotle Incident of '14. I will post an update on how this goes.

I don’t think that we will be entirely giving up our DIY Soylent versions since it allows us to modify the carb/fat/protein ratios based on our activity and we can also play with the flavor and vary the base ingredients (lately we have reduced the corn masa and added powdered oats), but also because it costs about $3 less per person, per day.

I will be posting an update on how well that went for us.



Same thing basically happened to me…I’m finding anything remotely related to beans combined with soylent isn’t possible for me…My last experience was just a couple small spoons of chili.


UPDATE: I am happy to report that during our trip to Aruba we brought the new Soylent 1.4 with us and had NO adverse effects. We had Soylent for breakfast and lunch, and then went out to eat for dinner, which included some spicy foods. Since we spent most of our time either hiking, exploring, or diving during the first part of the day, the Soylent made the act of fueling our bodies easier than trying to find somewhere to eat or bringing sandwiches.

My girlfriend also really likes the taste of the newest version even more than our highly tweaked DIY Soylent.