Soylent - Taste after 2 days


Hello all,

I mixed a pitcher two days ago - drank half the pitcher yesterday, tasted fine. Today, however, it had a weird taste that I can only describe as “plastic”. Anyone have a similar experience with v1.3?



Did you use the pitcher you got with your Soylent? Was the container you used washed before you made the soylent?

I’m only speaking for myself when I say that when I use the takeya pitchers, I never get any plastic taste/aftertaste…


Yes to both. Though I have been transporting my soylent to work in a Nalgene bottle…


Lools like it might be a bottle thing. And not too much in the way of fixing it :frowning:


I recommend the Contigo stainless steel for carrying Soylent around. Keeps it cold and not leaching of plastic possible.


Oddly enough I prefer the idea of plastic-taste-leaching as opposed to Soylent Spoilage. Thanks for the tip!


I bought some fairly expensive bottles for drinking my Soylent that have a life time warrenty, no leakage and tastes pretty good. I’d give you the name, but I left them at home. So I have spent my day drinking from the 64 oz container in the fridge. -.-’


I just use blender bottle. Easy enough to mix up, put in ref to keep it cold. Plastic though.


Seconded! We love our Contigos