Soylent taste improvement


I have been drinking original soylent for some time now.the taste of it is ok but I was wondering if people have anyway to improve the taste of it I’m open to any ideas.


Improve in what way?


I switched from plain powder to chocolate powder. That was a big improvement for me.


Is it taste or flavor variety? I’ve blended original powder and 2.0 with PB2 or fruit for a change of pace.


I add ON brand chocolate flavored whey protein isolate which makes Soylent taste fantastic. But lately I just add a little because I don’t want to OD on protein.

PB2 and similar products work pretty well.

Hershey’s Cocoa powder works well. Best to put a small amount in a cup with a little water, microwave it for about 15 seconds, then mix in the Soylent. Add Splenda if you want it sweet.

I’ve tried to add various flavoring syrups, but they make my stomach ache.


I’m not a big fan of the original flavor but will buy a case if it is on sale.

Usually, I will throw in some strawberries or blackberries to give it some texture and a more familiar flavor. I will also throw in whatever fresh vegetables I have around (e.g., kale, chard, broccoli, etc.) I mix it all up in the blender with some extra water to keep it from getting too thick.

For the other flavors, I usually just drink them straight from the bottle.


Yo, I feel ya, it’s a hard base flavor to get rid of in order to allow flavorings to work. I found one thing that works, INHO, brilliantly -most of the time- (sometimes the bass flavor is stronger…)
I ripen -a- banana to the very ripe stage, it has to at the very least smell like a ripe banana, under-ripe does not work, I wait until there are plenty of spots and they smell ripe (I know smells of food very very well from being a chef, you will be able to figure it out).
1 medium to large banana per bag, I blend it in with an immersion blender, I don’t have a regular blender. Then let it sit, if you can, to get thick and for the banana to work it’s magic. After an hour or more Soylent taste like light air with a tiny hint of mildly sweet banana. It’s really good.
Because I do this for every batch (about 70% of my food is soylent) I buy about 25+ bananas at once, I get them somewhat green because by the time they are ripe in a store they are likely bruised from handling, and I ripen them on my kitchen work table, then I load then on 1/4 sheet pans in an orderly fashion and freeze them, still in their skins etc, take one out and thaw the skin in a waterbath for a few minutes, cut of the bottom and squeeze the frozen banana out ready to go into the soylent.


Easiest way to hack the taste in my experience are:
1- Fruits (Frozen or natural): Berries, banana, kiwi, mango… Care since not all combinations work very well.
2- Sweet (even more). Honey, sugar, syrups, artifiicial flavourings (e.g. myprotein flav drops)
3- Coffee and peanut butter and cacao powder (almost always work).
4- Different kind of milk= different flavour.
5- Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger…

Mix. E.g. banana+coffee+original