Soylent taste reminds me of

Recently got my hands on Official Soylent…glad it tastes better than my DIY stuff…I read that it tastes like Malt Milk shake…and yes…i taste that a bit…but what I taste MUCH MUCH STRONGER is a favorite treat from my younger years. Sweetened condenced milk…OMG…love the stuff…used to eat it with a fork cause with a spoon id go thru it too fast…A few friends who tried it dont agree…anyone else taste this?

This is the stuff im talking about:

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now that I can relate to.
Anyhow I wish I could taste that similarity but I don’t. Not familiar with that specific brand of sweetened condensed milk though. You must be immune to the artificial sweetener taste in Soylent though to be able to compare the two. Lucky you.

yah…i almost exclusivly use sweetners in coffee and such…cant taste regular sugar in hot drinks for some reason.

That probably explains why it tastes similar to sweetened condensed milk to you, then, since Soylent is lightly-sweetened with vanillin and SCM is like a solid brick wall of sugar haha

all i know is its yummy (for me)

one friend cant get past the taste of baby food…mom cant stand vanilla.

im trying to figure out how to drink it slower cause it tastes so good :smile:

My coworker who finally tried it said he loved the flavor. He said it reminded him of cake batter. For me, yeah, I can see cake batter. Some days it tastes much sweeter than other days. I haven’t figured out why that is, yet.

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