Soylent tees not being made?

got an email this morning saying that they did not meet the required orders for the tees and would not be making or shipping them? said 466/499 then later got an email saying that if i got a previous email saying that they were shipping that it was error and they would be shipping later… anyone else get this recently? ive seen that some people already got shirts as an apology for order errors does that mean that shirts are going out or has it been cancelled like some of the previous items that were available but cancelled because of not enough interest?

I’m not sure how much they were selling t-shirts for. If you really want one, you can get a one-off for $24.75 - (i’m not affiliated, it just happened to be the first company to pop-up in a duckduckgo for ‘custom t-shirts’).

WTF?? The campaign was short by a whopping 30 shirts??? I didn’t even know there was a Teespring campaign going. I’m sure a lot of others probably didn’t either, and if they had could probably have easily tipped it past the 500 mark. Who the heck was running that campaign that would allow that to happen? A single email or forum post would’ve probably taken care of it. :frowning:


I’d have bought one if I knew about it.

Tagging @JulioMiles and @ana. They’ll be able to officially answer this.

That’s correct, the first email was sent in error and should be disregarded.

There was never a public Teespring campaign, this was a batch of T-shirts that had already been purchased via the original site.

edit: t-shirts will be available for purchase on soon!

Ahhh ok, that makes a lot more sense. Seemed really odd that an official campaign would’ve not been announced prominently in the forum! =) Thanks for the clarification!


Whew. I really want my t-shirt.

I also want more soylent merch in general! I need a thermos with the logo. :smiley:


Omg we have so many merch ideas - can’t wait until we have the resources to devote to them!! I personally want blender bottles and hoodies, so we’ll see! :stuck_out_tongue:


I purchased a shirt during the initial backing and after significant delays, was promised an additional shirt after filling out a form. I’ve received no shirts. Any update?

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I just got an email from Soylent saying that my shirt will be shipping within the next few weeks and to confirm my address.

Yes me too, I believe this is for those that got the starter kit earlier but no Soylent for another month or two after that.

Shirt get. Would rather Soylent get.

Yes, I just dug up the original email because I didn’t remember ordering a shirt, and that was the case for me (I received the starter kit early and was promised a shirt due to the delays).

So it may or may not answer bbrown6799’s question, depending on whether or not they’re shipping all shirts as the same process (probably).

Note that I am not unahppy about getting my shirt. :smiley:


Is the t-shirt or hats ever going to be in the merch section?


Ooh, replying to an @JulioMiles post. Maybe you an bring him out of retirement with an answer. @Conor let us talk to your boss!


We have no plans to do a merchandise section at this time. That being said, things could change. Right now the best way to get our branded stuff is to participate in community events or do something really unique.


Ok, thanks. I participated in an online event and you guys asked me for my t-shirt size so I just figured…
They do have them on ebay but they’re about $25 :disappointed:

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