Soylent Template With Toxicity Alerts (Updated)


Updated Google Docs Link in Google Sheets that you can save to your drive! For those with Excel 2010, you can download the .xlsx file right here.

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen a lot of Soylent Excel templates in the last little while and the one I liked the best and made the most sense to me was the “One Small Step” template. I adapted that and started tweaking it so that it would be a little more intelligent, and have created a polished version of my own.

Key features:

  • A percentage total row, showing the full percentage of the ingredient with no caps (Row 18). So if you’ve got 5g of Vitamin K, the sheet will happily show you that you have 6,250,000% of the necessary amount.
  • A Completion Index that uses row 19 (which caps totals at 100%), showing you how much of a percentage of the entire nutrition profile you have completed (defaulting to Rob’s Updated Recommended). This really helped me in terms of determining at any one point in time just how close I was to getting a complete formula and I was surprised to see that few other templates had it.
  • An addition to the Total Investment calculator that included tax, because, why do you want surprises? Can be modified to your local tax rate. (Yes, we pay a lot in Canada!)
  • Color bars for the Days Per Unit column, for greater visualization of where your weaknesses are in terms of product longevity.
  • A Toxicity Alert Row, which contains values for all known tox levels relating to all ingredients. Note that I do not provide references - you are free to reverify all of the numbers. Most of my sources were the NIH, USDA, or FDA.
  • A small update to Choline; the “One Small Step” excel sheet did not include a recommended dose here; I was able to determine that the RDI for Choline is 0.55g. (again, feel free to reverify and correct me in the name of science!)

I hope if anyone here likes this template but can also find a way to further improve it, they either give me a suggestion or improve it themselves. Creating Soylent shouldn’t be so hard when we have advanced calculation abilities in Excel / etc to make it easier for us. :slight_smile:



I can’t figure out how to get this into Google Drive. I love the spreadsheet, but I’d like to save or download it.


Hi @karanime - sorry about that. I think this link will work, let me know if it doesn’t:


rob went from daily 50g of protein to 102g of protein in month 2. not sure if he altered this in month 3.


Nope, it’s uneditable. It shows me the spreadsheet, but it doesn’t seem to be in the correct format.


Nice! Saved a copy. :slight_smile:


Hey @karanime - sorry about the wait, I was able to copy it into Google Sheets, that was my issue :slight_smile: Please click here to have a copy you can save to your drive and edit.


Also @karanime note that the values listed in that sheet are my default values - you’ll have to ensure that yours are correct before inputting ingredients. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


Is the toxicity alert row supposed to be blank? Also, what are the units in the “recommended” row?


All units in the recommended row are in grams, g. For help with this, I usually keep two google search tabs open: one for “xyz mg to g” and one for “xyz mcg to g” (milligrams and micrograms, respectively). Once you enter in the string as it’s shown there the search page will pop up a calculator that you can use to enter in more numbers later. :slight_smile:

The toxicity row is blank because it is preprogrammed to fill up if your entry is toxic. Try it! Enter ‘11’ on Iron. :stuck_out_tongue:


Except for certain vitamins, right? A few of the values match the recommended IU, but I have no idea how to convert that to grams.


I’ve been using this to convert between mg and IU:


Excellent resource, @bees_knees! Thanks for that!