Soylent temporarily unavailable?

Just went to check my monthly Subscribe & Save items on Amazon and saw this:

Needless to say… I’m more than a little concerned! Anyone know what’s going on here? Am I not going to get any Soylent this month? If so I’m going to be in for a miserable time! :cold_sweat:

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Unfortunately for Amazon, it’s 100% on their side. They need to order and forecast, we have zero input once they place an Order.

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Oh wow, they make the order? I guess it’s very different from FBA where you (the product owner) schedule your inventory and ship it to them for sale. Wow… life is gonna royally suck for me in another couple weeks if they don’t get more stock quick-like.

Can’t you just make a direct order from

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I suppose, but the price will be considerably higher as we get 15% off (plus another 5% from our Amazon credit card) by buying through Amazon. Hopefully it’s just a few day shortage and they get their inventory sorted. Obviously it’s selling better than expected though, which is a great sign IMO!

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Well if all else fails there’s at least one seller with some on Amazon…

$2 per ounce? Somehow, I don’t think I’ll get quite that desperate.

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So what is the final price per box of 12?

I would think for all you did for Soylent in the old days you could still get a subscription at the $29/box rate. Just cancel the sub when Amazon gets their act together.

All said & done it’s something like $27 or $28 per box I believe. I have about a week’s worth left, slightly more if I ration it a bit and have more conventional food, plus we still have a few months’ worth of 1.3 that my other half has been drinking. I’ve been avoiding it so it won’t run out for her (she can’t drink 2.0) but it’s there if I need to fill in the gaps. Hopefully this is a short term issue, obviously Amazon wants to keep product flowing so if they’ve got more demand than they expected, I would think they’d be all over fixing it right quick. Will see what happens in the next few days, I suspect it’ll get resolved but we shall see.

I noticed this myself. Also … are you guys phasing out Nectar or is Amazon just not carrying it anymore or what?

I like Nectar and ordered it several times through Amazon, but lately the only the regular and Cacao have been available in bottle.

You’re still here? You were posting WAY WAY back! :smiley:

Can you tell me anything about the taste of the latest powder bags as compared to the unflavored bottles? The bottles seem okay to me, but a few versions of the bags have had a peculiar aftertaste and I haven’t tried the latest dry formulation.

I used to order direct, but they came faster than I was using them and right around version 1.4, I was turned off by the taste and they started piling up on me. I put my subscription on hold and have been buying the bottles sporadically through Amazon, but if Amazon is screwing up maybe I need to go back to direct purchase.

Nectar has been discontinued. They are working a replacement flavor, but haven’t said exactly when it’ll release.

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Yep, I rear my head from time to time :wink:

Unfortunately no I can’t give you any feedback as we stopped buying powder at version 1.5 I think it was, and began hoarding 1.3 which we’ll be running out of in a few months at the current pace. Hoping for a RTD that doesn’t use Soy as the protein source but for now I’m drinking it anyway as I just can’t resist the convenience.

Because of the scale at which they order, they have to house and fulfill so we occupy a considerable number (relative to our size) of pallet spaces.

Soylent is back on Amazon! YESSSSSSS!!!

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