Soylent Thanksgiving!

Who here had a Soylent Thanksgiving?
Coworker found this comic, sums it up nicely ( check the last panel)
And its funny as I was doing just that on Thursday lol


Didn’t consume Soylent on thanksgiving, but on Wednesday a friend of mine who tried Soylent but it didn’t agree with his stomach, sold me two boxes on the cheap!

So, I have Soylent again! I must admit I am digging the Joylent flavors - helps break up the monotony of Soylent withought having to add flavoring or other ingredients.

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I would have if any reasonably priced product was shipping.

These comics range from bad to cringe-worthy.

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I put a little cinnamon in my soylent for the holidays. FESTIVE!


Add some raisins, cinnamon, and nuke it! I liked it a lot.

How much cinnamon for 2.0?