Soylent that's not a Laxative?


I really like the idea of soylent, but it makes my colon turn into a water park. Horrible gas. Horrible smelling gas. Lots of watery poo that smells like Vanilla.

I tried tons of enzymes and probiotics, but to no avail.

Has anyone found a DIY Soylent that doesn’t make you butt rocket?


People Chow.

It has its own problems though (grittiness).


How long have you been on Soylent? Did you ease into it like your supposed to or did you quit regular food cold turkey? How much fiber where you getting with your previous diet?

The symptoms you are describing sounds like a typical reaction to a sudden increase in fiber. You’re supposed to start Soylent slowly just replacing one meal a day till your body adjusts to the fiber. Then up your consumption to two meals and let your body adjust again. Finally if you want go to three meals.


That depends on what kind of Maseca you get. Their instant masa hirena is quite smooth.


Wow, I can say that I went from an extremely low fiber diet to about 80% Soylent and definitely didn’t have any such bad bowel experiences. If anything mine improved slightly. I’d be pretty concerned if I was having watery bowel movements.


try Schmoylent, from what I heard, it’s like Soylent, but people aren’t reporting gas/water park.


@JaceLightning, what version are you on?


I know the laxative experience well… Haha. 4g of psyllium husk fixed it up for me, and after a week it two I was able to leave it out without problems.


@vanclute I think it varies by the person. I’ve had somewhat watery bowel movements since I started, too. Though it’s been improving some since I started Soylent a month ago.


Vanilla poops doesn’t sound like a downside to me.


I’ve had a better response to the probiotic “Align”, vs any of the others fyi…automatic shipments on Amazon for more discount


Wow… that’s most unfortunate for sure! Yeah I guess like so many other things, it’s so very individual…


wow, really? The iron content of People Chow 3.0.1 gave me the OPPOSITE effect for sure. I’m experimenting with Schmoylent Clean now, and not sure how that’s working yet. The multivitamin I use has 18mg of iron, which is, at least in theory, the RDA for women my age/activity level. Getting my gut flora to be ok with that is something else altogether.