"Soylent: The Feminist Dream of the Victorian Age"

Article on TheAsterickToday.com: “Soylent: The Feminist Dream of the Victorian Age

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We’ve come a long way since Victorian wives were chained to the kitchen. Thankfully these days we have much more advanced ways of oppressing women.


Right, like air conditioning.


It’s not all lost, we can still have them mix Soylent and clean pitchers and drinking vessels.


“reportedly” kind of gross…

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I left a comment, making that same point.

I see they haven’t posted my comment yet…

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Seeing history everywhere you look isn’t about education, it’s about attitude.

It’s definitely not about research!

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What exactly is the point of this article? “We have something that people would have loved to have in the Victorian era!” That can be said about every single thing I can see from my desk chair alone. The point about something Soylent-like getting women out of the kitchen more is moot today because any woman who is doing all the cooking these days is doing so because it is the role she chose for herself, not because she’s being forced to do it.


Except for those women who are, in fact, forced to do it. We have a large diverse society, and the commitment to Victorian-era gender roles remains powerful for many in this country. Soylent is pretty much irrelevant for those women, of course, unless their husbands want to force them to make it, too. (This is of course unlikely, given the presumed lack of overlap between the Soylent subculture and the knuckle-drag subculture.)


What I got from the article is that Soylent would have been good for women who had to cook back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in order to do their share supporting the family, but fortunately, that problem has already been solved for women! I don’t understand why the “tired feminists” would still be worn out fighting for something like this as women don’t have to stay in the home to cook anymore.

One thing is clear: We had a feminist movement to end many inequalities females faced. My question is when are we finally going to get serious about a movement that helps end inequalities that men face. Most people don’t realize that until 2013, the FBI’s definition of rape didn’t include males at all. We have other issues such as 93% of those in prison are males, 85+% of the homeless are males, women can volunteer to join the military but do not have to register for a military draft like men do, female circumcision is illegal but male circumcision is legal, there are programs upon programs to help women get into college, graduate school, pay for school, etc. while males are the ones lagging behind already and the trends are also skyrocketing up for females, women get paid $1.10 or more for every man’s dollar when taking into consideration variables such as hours worked, education, etc., Obamacare forced equal pay for men and women for health insurance (but insurance companies can still charge men more for things like auto insurance) and also forced insurances to cover birth control for females but not males (vasectomies aren’t covered), we still have a society that expects men to pay for dates even though women make equal amounts now, due process has been extremely eroded, family courts are extremely bias against men, and we wonder why males commit 80% of the suicides even though at a young age it’s a 50% to 50% ratio. Oh, and did I mention the battered shelters for women but the lack of battered shelters for men, the lack of cracking down on slave labor of men in the USA, the lack of resources for boys and men sexually trafficked, the 95% of workplace deaths being male, etc.?

The reason only 20% of Americans identify as Feminists is because Feminists have gone completely off the rails and are completely anti-male. 82% of Americans want equal rights for men and women, and that includes Men’s Rights Activists (MRA’s) like myself. It’s up to us MRA’s to continue the Men’s Rights Movement that we have created, and hopefully the general public stands up for what is right sooner rather than later. I agree with Warren Farrell who says that when one sex loses, both sexes lose.

Soylent can help men and women, it’s as simple as that. If anything, Soylent is more set up for women because it’s based on a 2000 calorie diet, the standard for women.

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Why am I not surprised… I get that this subject is contentious online, but can we please not? Gender equality people make me want to tape two concrete blocks to my head and sit under a speeding train.


Well, it’s basically what the post is about. And it’s not just an online thing for people like me btw. Not sure why you would come into a post about gender/sex issues and ask people not to talk about gender/sex issues. I’m also not sure why you replied to me instead of replying to Paul.

Paul was being funny. You were attempting to invalidate a social movement by introducing your own.

Feminism and MRA’s are both sexist hate groups that try to blame all their problems on the other gender and have no concern for actual victims. When you compartmentalize social problems into “movements”, you’re going to wind up being a hate group because humans are always looking for a scapegoat. Complaining is a lot easier than offering solutions.


Welp, so much for “not doing this”. The Men’s Rights Movement is not “my own”. The broader issue is gender equality so they are directly related.

Well those are some terrible generalizations that don’t apply to me at all. If I didn’t care about the actual victims then I wouldn’t have taken homeless people off the streets and into my home until they could get into a homeless shelter, and I certainly care about my father who committed suicide.

This is a pretty loose definition of the term “hate group”.

Well, complaining brings solutions, but what do you know, another generalization you have that doesn’t fit me at all. One solution I have is to force all women 18+ to have to register for the military just like men do or face the same consequences. I also think that we need to create shelters for battered men as much as we have shelters for battered women as men and women both make up about 50% of the victims. I have lots of ideas for solutions. Maybe you shouldn’t assume so much about people you don’t know.

I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Blog journalism will typically use click-bait titles to spread misinformation. It looks like native advertising, but in reality the authors are just so desperate they’ll use anything as a springboard for a political rant about identity politics. If they didn’t have a political agenda to give them purpose, all that would remain is the emptiness of deceiving people into reading their filler articles.

Don’t feed the troll…


I just ran out of food. I was going to save some to feed the ducks at the park today but now that’s out the window :confused:

Wow… It’s a good thing we haven’t found articles that incorporate “Soylent” with topics like gun control, abortion, the Iran deal… Sheesh. And @inquirerer, if you do find such an article… Please DO NOT post it!


Alright, that was Tom with the weather, coming up at 11: Does Soylent prove God???