Soylent: The Target Edition


I recently purchased the new four pack Soylent from Target. The serving size is smaller and the containers are novel. As of now, the only flavors available in this shape are Cacao and Cafe Vanilla.

Honestly, this might be my favorite form-factor for Soylent. I never had any trouble opening the old containers and was disappointed when Soylent revamped the bottles to meet demand. These new cartons are easy to open and don’t have that redundant exterior cover or interior seal. Thus, there are no extra bits of plastic to dispose of separate from the bottle. Individually, they are the perfect size for transportation in a backpack or briefcase. For me, the smaller serving size is ideal since I typically use Soylent to fill those little “food voids” during the workday or between classes.

I hope that Soylent brings the other favors to Target in the near future. Even if these smaller servings are a little more expensive, the form factor makes it worth it.

You can see or purchase the product on the Target website here:


I’m sorry to see the smaller serving size, since it means that the company is drifting further away from Rob’s vision of having the servings add up to a full day’s worth. By my calculation, that would be 6.66 bottles of this stuff.

Also, the increased price is a ripoff.


You are looking at about 107 calories per dollar (1280/$11.99) if you purchase the Target Edition of Soylent Drink Cacao at the normal price. Currently, the beverage is discounted to $9.99 (about 128 calories per dollar). This is actually better than Soylent Drink Cacao which is around 123 calories per dollar (400/$3.25) if you purchase from the Soylent website without coupons or subscriptions.

Until the price returns to $11.99, Target is where I’m buying.


I still don’t understand why someone [who already knows about Soylent /] would buy from a [more expensive] store instead of from (or Amazon I guess). Even if I run out of Soylent, I can go a few days without it if I need to (one time I went ~30 years without it).

Based on the post above though, Target doesn’t seem to be ridiculously marked up (but smaller bottles is the opposite direction I want Soylent to go).

EDIT: oh and when I got the email about this last week it said:

“The multipack will be offered in Soylent’s top-selling flavors Cacao and Cafe Vanilla.”

Is Cafe Vanilla really top 2 in sales???


Comparing the price of Soylent on Target with the price of Soylent on the home site without subscriptions is slightly misleading, since IMHO everyone who gets Soylent should get a subscription. Why? Because you get a price break and it is very easy to cancel the subscription in short order.

I think that offering soylent in a slightly different size is confusing. I suppose that in the future Target will feature the price of Soylent per bottle, and it won’t be obvious to the user that the Target bottle is different from the normal Soylent bottle, unless the user reads the fine print somewhere.

However, the company seems to have turned its back on the idea that many Soylent users will live mostly on Soylent, so the smaller bottles aren’t a big deal to the users who don’t consume much Soylent daily.


Point taken. I only mean to suggest that the price is not too far out of line considering the smaller form factor. I think that I am with you in hoping that the smaller size will complement rather than replace the current offerings.

EDIT: To clear up some possible confusion, Target is offering both the traditional bottles and the four-packs. I believe that the four-packs are exclusive to Target.


For anybody catching this post now. Target has the bottles discounted to $9.99 AND they are currently running a Buy One Get One Half Off special on all the supplement section, Soylent included. So at Target I paid $7.49 each for two, then on the iBotta app that I use they had a $4 rebate on each 4pack purchased up to two purchases. So I received an $8 rebate. My overall cost was $7.00 for two 4packs. Not bad.