Soylent: The Ultimate Hangover Cure?


The thing about theater openings and show runs is there’s a lot of celebration and booze to be had thus the gin hangover. This morning was a bad one. Even the smell of my coffee nearly made me vomit. I typically reach for Tylenol, Tums, etc., but instead, I decided to try sipping Soylent. Miracles of miracles, it worked! I kid you not.

Anyone else have experience with hangovers and Soylent? Or am I the only lush here?


I have heard people say they got drunk quicker on Soylent


Yes. This is true for me, as well. My tolerance is much lower, so I’m learning to adjust my consumption. Though I didn’t do so well last night. :smile:


Similar experience here, and the pitcher saved me this morning. Go Soylent!


I’m posting here again because I’m amazed it keeps happening. I woke up from a night of birthday (not mine) cheer where double Manhattan’s and wine flowed liberally, with a nasty hangover. Upset stomach, mostly. I drank my Soylent breakfast and…I’m fine, now. SERIOUSLY. @ana you have a new marketing angle on this stuff. :wink: