Soylent theft at workplace leaves me disgruntled


So I guess at least one person at work likes the Soylent I bring in…

I bring in a pitcher every day and put it in the fridge in my office…I’m the only one who uses the fridge.

For the last 3 days in a row, some muggle, other than me has made off with a cup or two…

Just waiting for the fall out…Are they messing with me, or do they really like it…

Update: Found the culprit! Punishment was swift and just.

Thanks for all the suggestions…I can’t say which one worked or if I even used any but I can say that if I did, they would have worked.


Just take a sniff around the office, im sure you will find the culprit ;-p


Tonight, go and buy this or something similar. Mix up a pitcher, saving some for yourself. Then mix in like 8 tablespoons of this stuff into the leftover Soylent. Plant it in the work fridge. Wait to see who goes running for the bathroom a few hours later.


I’ve got some hits of LSD which I can send your way.


I think you mean SWIM does…


You should try putting some Ex-Lax in a days worth and increase your chances of finding the Thief.


Collect data before acting. Mark the picture with a marker to keep track of the level of the liquid.


Load it up with Pepto Bismol, Then see who has a black tongue.