Soylent to Canada


Does anyone know if it will be possible to get Soylent to Canada once they start shipping? I realize the company itself won’t be shipping until mid-2014 at the earliest, but wondering if anyone knows about any resellers.


I don’t know of any resellers off the top of my head, but your not the first Canadian to ask. They can ship to a US address near the border and you can come get it, or if you have any US friends you can have them reship it to your address. As for Rosa Labs shipping their product internationally, I believe it was agreed it may be delayed due to import/export laws/rules, and expense.


I think your best bet is to ship to family/friends in US and get them to ship to you. Otherwise there are package forwarding companies that will do this for a fee, but I’ve not heard the best things about these (poor customer service, tossing packages, etc).

That said you may get lucky and find someone re-selling that will ship to Canada (check eBay once the first round of orders go out).

I feel your pain - I’ve been following this since Vice did an article about Rob and wish there was a simple way to get Soylent to me in Toronto. Good luck!


Thanks, sounds like there’s not a lot of great options, but I think I’m going to give one of the package forwarding companies a try. I’ll report back with my results if it looks like they can be recommended.