Soylent to Test Ready-to-Drink Meals at 18 Participating 7-Eleven Stores



Rosa Foods, the makers of Soylent, today announced that the Company will test its suite of nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink meals at 18 participating 7-Eleven stores in the Greater Los Angeles area beginning Monday, July 10, 2017. The 7-Eleven locations currently plan to sell three Soylent flavors: Cacao, Cafe Coffiest and the new Cafe Chai.

“It is exciting that the demand for our breakthrough line of drinkable meals has moved beyond e-commerce,” said Rob Rhinehart, Soylent Founder and CEO. “This new collaboration with 7-Eleven will make Soylent an even better option for customers looking for convenience without sacrificing their health. We are thrilled to be working alongside the talented 7-Eleven team and look forward to building our retail presence nationwide.”

Was hoping to be able to buy by the box but I imagine it’s only single-serving, being 7-11. Still, it’s a start!


“Soylent is a differentiated product for the on-the-go, millennial. It is a great example of a product that has reached online success in a short period, and we are excited to collaborate with Soylent to bring the drinkable meals to our stores in a single serving,” said Todd McFarland, 7-Eleven senior product director for vault.


A convenience store is a place to grab a quick bite at an added cost (for the convenience), not stock up the larder. It would be nice when out and about to be able to grab a Soylent when I needed a fast meal.


This is great news! First the convenience stores, then the big-box stores, and finally (fingers crossed) the corner grocery. If I still lived in L.A, I’d buy some from the 7-11 as soon as they’re available just to show support and give a tiny little kick to the sales numbers.

Congratulations to the team at Soylent. You’ve done an amazing thing and this is a big step. :clap::clap::clap:


I wonder what the price is?


This is potentially a huge step for RF. 7-11 corporation has 56,000 outlets world-wide. Compare to Starbucks with 24,000.

Very likely this initial trial is an initiative of 7-11’s SoCal regional management, but if it succeeds and Soylent is picked up by the parent company, the potential upside would expand Soylent’s market many times over.

One result, a year or so on might find online sales only a tiny part of their cash flow, and powder an even tinier part.

Another outcome, assuming the trial is a success and a partnership with 7-11 is cemented, is that when the Bar is re-introduced, it might be a retail-only product, at least at first.


Yes, but when will I be able to buy Cafe Vanilla at the Goobies Irving?


LA Soylenteers please post pics when you pick up your first bottle at 7-11. Cause no pic didn’t happen.


Exciting! I have high hopes for this - but looking at 7-11’s Twitter …I think Soylent may go over like a turd in their big gulps. :smirk:


Actually I bet it would be pretty fantastic. Any time I buy a Jamba Juice now, the first thing I do is go home and cut it with Soylent big time. Easily a 2:1 or better ratio of Soylent:Jamba. Delicious. I bet the same would probably hold true with say a slurpee… :wink:


I’m surprised that no one has posted the price yet. I am in Los Angeles County, but far away from any participating 7-11.


Just purchased cacao soylent at a 7-11 in Santa Monica and they are going for $3.99 each.


I believe this makes you the first in-the-wild sighting of Soylent at a 7-11. Most excellent!


CONFIRMED. Soylent and Slurpee go together like… well frankly like Soylent and just about anything. Since today is 7-11 and therefore free small slurpee day at all (participating) 7-11 stores, this is a perfect day to try out your own SlurpLent™ creation! I went with old faithful Coke slurpee and frozen (and mostly thawed) Soylent 2.0 myself. Yummy!


Will it be possible for international 7-11 stores to order the product, I am in urgent need to find the cheapest way to get Soylent in Australia while I am here studying abroad. Any feedback would be huge


I have a feeling your best option is going to be to find someone in the US (or maybe Europe if it’s available there yet?) who is willing to ship it to you. Will still have a premium attached obviously, but Soylent can’t just decide to sell in whatever 7-11 stores they want. Even this Southern Cal thing is just a “pilot” test, and might never go beyond those stores for a short time. I would be miserable without Soylent at this point so I feel your pain… I wish you luck in getting ahold of some!


I saw my new bottles of Chai have the Nutrition Info on the label and wondered when the retail rollout was coming. Once again, Discourse saves the day!


Need to get Pauley Shore as a spokesperson
this screengrab, looks like hes weezing the soylent!


Drove from Pasadena to Koreatown to give it a try!

Cost was $3.99, which was in the ballpark of many of the drinks they offer (i.e. smoothies, Muscle Milk, energy drinks).

Bought one of each (Cacao, Coffee, and Chai) to give it a try! If someone wants to try one, just to see how it tastes, I think this would be great!