Soylent too filling


Hello. I have made my own recipe that doesn’t look too different to most other recipies, based on Oat powder and Pea protein (it’s private for now until I fix up the suppliers and continue tweaking taste). I find just way too filling and struggle to get through a daily amount of it.

Has anybody else found this sense of soylent being too filling? I’m curious to hear what others have found.

I have also initially found it quite bloating but I am assuming this is an initial reaction and my digestive system may get used to it.



You can still post a link to a private recipe. It would be helpful if we could see it.


Your personal recipe is what’s filling, if I’m getting that right?

Seeing as Soylent is 99.9% of my diet now I gotta say I don’t find it filling. And I don’t find it lacking either. After 6 weeks of Soylent I can say a pouch a day sipping throughout the day makes me content. Something I never could do consistently before Soylent.


I wish I had that problem! I have to add whey protein and chia seed powder just to get it thick and satisfying. Then again I am a 6’4" tall guy, so I am no stranger to large meals.


Here is my recipe:

I was “slamming” it down at first, which left me really bloated, so now I drink it a bit slower. I find that I’m just drinking soylent all day long now, and am constantly full. I can get through about 3/4 of a daily dose comfortably, any more than that brings on bloating and feeling over full.

I’m pretty new at this so any recipe advice would be greatly appreciated.


Drop the MSM. You get plenty of sulfur from protein.


As far as I can tell, Pea Protein Isolate doesn’t contain any sulfur, nor does the Fine Powdered Oats.


The sulfur comes from cysteine and methionine. Pea protein is a little low in those, but provides about 1.2g in your recipe. The oat protein should make up the difference.