Soylent toxicity...which nutrients should we be careful with? Do we need to worry at all?


I’m curious which nutrients are “easiest” to overdose on, or which nutrients have the worst effects at their toxicity limits.

I know that people go over the recommended intake values via normal food consumption and most people never know about it. Of course with Soylent it could be more of a problem, so… are y’all concerned?


You can find it all pretty easily by googling. Magnesium can give you wet stool and upset stomach, potassium can affect blood pressure and kill you, iron can put you into a coma – these are only some examples. This is serious stuff so I really recommend looking into it before trying any formulas out.

It’s not likely you’ll overdose with normal foods unless you eat very extremely (a lot of one food that is high in a certain nutrient etc), but with soylent you can easily miscalculate something and put yourself in danger. Double and triple check calculations. Do enough research to make certain you’re measuring stuff right and you know what’s safe and dangerous.


Also, take care for allergic reactions. I had a mild reaction to the fiber I bought.


Sorry to go off topic here guys. I’m a noob and will be trying Soylent myself. Can someone direct me to Rob’s latest version of his original formula so I can begin sourcing/tweaking ingredients? Thanks!


Unless something’s changed and I’ve missed it, he deliberately did not release his formula while he was working on it to prevent people from hurting themselves while tinkering. There are several on the site, though, if you look around through the list of topics.

He did mention in one topic that once it goes live, he would open source the ‘source code’.


Check out the upper limits for vits /mins.