Soylent Tracking App


Update: @nickp has created such an app, which can be found here:

I’ve been watching the shipping threads, and I think a web app would be pretty useful to standardize and streamline the info. I’m thinking of writing it to store/display these fields (all optional): original order date, total order quantity (in weeks), kit tracking email received date, kit received date, soylent tracking received date, soylent received date, vegan/non-vegan, location (which I’d like to use an embedded Google Map for).

I’m thinking it would need a simple login system as well so users could reliably update their info.

Thoughts? Input? Would you use it?

I know it would be a fairly short-lived project, as shipping will probably only last another month or two, but I think it would be a lot cooler than threads that don’t stay on topic. :wink:


Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

I’m in!
Post 20 chars, agh.


I would totally use it! And use it, and use it, and use it, refresh… refresh… refresh… refresh… refresh… twitchtwitch refresh… refresh… refresh… until my soylent arrived itself! Then I might use it ooonnnnnne last time :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: refresh

or at least, that’s how I see this would be used >.>


Update your info here :slight_smile:

The "Order Status" thread

FYI…the sort by column doesn’t seem to be working…


Update: @nickp will make the raw data available later on, and I’ll use that to make an interactive map via Google Maps as soon as I can.

Yay for not having to scroll through threads to see data! Great work Nick!

Another Update: To see the map (which is a work in progess) click here:


I’m fucking up my first posts but anyway I only did a cursory inspection but all of your dates seem to be ~1 month behind.


Looks like dates on map don’t match dates from data. E.g. I ordered on 2013-05-21 but map shows 2013-04-20.


It looks like everything just had a month subtracted off of it. For example, I put in my info to day, and it says I updated it on 3 Apr 14

Edit: Also, it looks like due to layering if a large order is placed on top of a smaller one, it may be impossible to see the smaller order data, Ex: Silver Snake’s 12 week order makes it impossible to see others. Maybe have the act of clicking on an order send it to the back, so you can easily move through the orders in an area?


Gah, my bad. I forgot that dates in JavaScript start at 0. I’ll fix it in the morning. Thanks for catching that.


Nice! I just looked at the list and all of the seattle people suprised me! SEATTLE REPRESENT :slight_smile:


So far, according to the map, I’m the only one in Arkansas :slight_smile:


Why in the world would one make a “No oil?” column instead of just an “Oil” column.


The majority of orders are regular, with oil. To me it makes sense to have the checkbox to indicate the less common option.


I’m sure it’s because the original form asked if it was vegan, so instead of negating all the existing data, he just changed the wording so it still had the same meaning.

Also, the dates are fixed, and I’m working on a way to show all contained data when you click on a big circle that covers up littler ones.


just added my info. nothing for me yet. :frowning:


Is there a “map” of this somewhere and i missed the post, or are you referencing just the sheet of folks listed? sorry if this is a dumb question.


Further up the thread:


Hey! Thanks so much. My reading/scanning sometimes is not that great.


Here ya go