Soylent Trade: 2.0 for 1.6 Powder Los Angeles

Hi everyone,

I have an esophagus disease and can’t eat solid foods, so I have currently been doing 100% 2.0 for 6 months now. However, I currently have been reacting poorly to 2.0 and I have a strong feeling it is due to the oat fiber in the 2.0. Since the 1.6 powder does not have oat fiber, I think it may be a better option for my GERD and acid reflux. There is a back order on the 1.6 though, so I am stuck in this state of uncertainty with quite limited options. Therefore, I’d like to ask anyone in the Los Angeles area that may have some 1.6 powder that they either are trying to get rid of or would like to exchange for my 2.0 would like to help me out in this time of struggle? I’d really appreciate any help I can get. Thank you very much!!


You may want to give the Soylent Market a shot too.

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Thank you! I’ll post this there too! I appreciate it.