Soylent Tumbler replacement options


Continuing the discussion from Soylent Weekly Update 4/16:

I did indeed find neat things, and thought I’d share them:

RSVP Endurance Stemless Wine Glasses (18oz) -21.99$32.99 pair / $11.45ea (Amazon Prime)

StainlessLUX Two-tone Harmony Stainless Steel Tumbler (12 Oz) -$10 (Amazon Prime)

StainlessLUX Stainless Steel Drinking Glass:
8oz -$9.60 and 18oz -$10 (both Amazon Prime)

GSI Outdoors Stemless Wine Glassÿ-ÿStainless (10oz) -$11.95+~$6ship (SunnySports)

“Tumbler” (??oz) -$9.90 (Amazon Prime)

Among these, the StainlessLux seem to be the only ones that might stack nicely, but I think I might be leaning toward the RSVP just for their sheer classiness. I may edit this post to add new stuff if anyone else happens across any others worth mention.

I’m also curious, from any DIY’ers willing to share - anyone have opinions on the 18oz vessel size? Decent for multiple smaller meals over a day? Unnecessarily big? Too small?

EDIT: Aggregating more links by other people:


I drink mine out of pint glasses. Just under 1.5 is a meal for me.


Nice finds, I had planned to order several of the Soylent tumblers also. Most else I am finding are more expensive, Woodcraft being the cheapest I have found so far. Those RSVP do look sleek, but the bottom link for the bathroom tumbler is probably less than 12oz.

I have found pint glasses to work well for me around the house, mostly I am using pint sized, wide mouth Mason jars for now.

The are several insulated SS tumblers also, I believe the Klean Kanteen’s can also be used worth a coffee style lid for travel.


Yeah - the bathroom one was the first I found, and probably the least reliable purchase-wise, but I figured I’d leave it on the list. It is one of the most similar to what I remember of the original Soylent Tumbler picture.

Added your links to the main post, with images and prices. I’ve quite taken to the teardrop/bullet shape of the original, but I’m sure some would prefer a more “standard” cup shape :slight_smile:


All of the options I’ve been able to find outside of what was available on Backerkit for preorder are much more expensive :frowning: Wish I could find something a little cheaper.


I actually forgot how much the backerkit ones were… wasn’t it like $10 or $20 for the pair?


It was somewhere between 8-10 for a pair.


oh, well then. That is cheaper indeed. Maybe I’ll keep looking around for a deal closer to that then… =/


Yup, 2 for $10. Hope they can get them back up.


Well… it’s more expensive, but I think I’m going to go with the first option (RSVP). I’ll probably grab the set sometime in the next week or two, and post here how they look when they arrive.


Personally, I’ll be throwing utility out the window. I always get excited about opaque drinks because they look so striking in my double walled glasses. They don’t sell what I have anymore, but come on this is pure art:


Drinking pints… of soylent? I’m strangely confused and aroused…


Well, guess I got lucky and grabbed the last pair of RSVP at that price… for anyone interested, buying 2x the single level is now cheaper at $22.90 vs $32.99


Man they are like unbelievable not purchasable expensive when traveling in europe. I was looking for them on and it was like 120€ for a set of 2 of the first cups…


The same place I bought my double-walled shakeable glass travel bottles from also sells a lot of other double-walled glasses and tumblers.

Also, I have a coupon code for them: XSE43231, which is good for at least 10% off orders.

Sun’s Tea glassware is also available at Amazon, but the price is best at the company website.

I really, really, really like their 18-oz. shakeable double-walled travel mug. It’s a great size for a meal, it’s easy to shake (I put my thumb on the silicone stopper just to be safe), and it cleans up fast and perfectly with a bottle brush, even if you’ve let your Soylent dry on it. That and the Frigoverre glass pitcher, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.